Architectural Floor and Foundation Plans

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What is the role of layer filters in drafting floor plans?

What is the purpose of symbols on floor plans?

What is the function of wall footings in drafting the floor plan?

What does a library path refer to in AutoCAD drafting?

What should be done with dimensions that were not placed on previous plan views?

What should be included in the foundation plan according to the text?

Why is it suggested to store the foundation plan separately from the floor plan?

Why do drafters store general notes as a WBLOCK for reuse on future foundation plans?

What is the first step in drawing a foundation plan using CAD?

Which command is used to lay out the thickness of the stem walls and footings?

What should be done after drawing the outer side of the stem walls using the OSNAP command?

What is the purpose of using the FILLET or TRIM command when laying out the thickness of the stem walls and footings?


Learn about the placement of dimensions required by the floor and foundation plans, as well as the inclusion of openings in the stem wall for doors, foundation supports, and braced wall anchor locations. Additionally, understand the type of general notes needed for these plans.

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