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Arakho the Sneaky Monster

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In the beginning of the world, our ancestors walked the Earth much like we do, but they had ______ over the entirety of their body.


The sneaky monster ______ would go around lurking in the shadows waiting for his prey to be unaware of their environment.


Arakho would ______ all of the hair right off of their bodies and be gone.


Arakho especially liked the ______ time, for then, he could lurk under a cover of darkness, and find easy prey fast asleep.


Arakho was so good at what he did, so ______ and so slippery, that he managed to eat too much hair.


Now they had to go about and figure out how to make ______.


He had tried other foods but nothing really worked the way that ______ worked for him.

human hair

The Gods were also ______.


They went to the ______ and the Moon, because they knew the Sun and the Moon from their vantage point up in the skies had a good sense of everything going on down below.


We saw him there, going around ______ all of that hair.


They thought how is it that this simple ______ managed to turn our plans as to what humans should look like upside down?


You see, they loved being ______ in everybody's business.


Arakho all the meanwhile was ______ about as he often did, looking for hair but finding only people who looked like this.


We know where you are. We can find ______ – that's right!


Yeah, you know, they needed some help and of course we were the ones to ______ to.


Yeah, we're making a ______ potion for them.


Arakho had an ______ about how he could overcome his problem of not having enough hair anymore to eat.


Arakho scoped out the ______, and he found a little hiding place not too far away that would be just perfect for what he needed.


He had decided he was going to make a ______ to look like the Gods so that he could sneak into the banquet.


The only problem was the ______ covered his mouth so that he couldn't speak or eat or drink.


He looked around and he saw at the center of the banquet a large ______.


This massive ______.


He had bought a ______ pouch just for that purpose which he hid in his disguise.


The Sun and the Moon descended and they started their ______.


Arakho slipping up next to the ______, pulling out quietly and carefully that water pouch.


The Gods and Goddesses gathered around the ______ to discover the waters were gone.


They yelled to the ______ and the Moon what kind of trickery is this?


And the ______ and the Moon, confused, ran forward blithering and blathering uh, umm, the waters were here!


And at the word ______, the Sun and the Moon caught each others eye, and at the same time they yelled out – ARAKHO!!


______ was already there.


But no sooner had the water entered his mouth than a huge ______ exploded just outside of the entrance.


And while he was coughing, one of the ______ drew his sword, charged in, and with a single slice, shhhmm, cut off Arakho's head.


Arakho's ______ may have been dead, but his head had managed to get enough of the waters of life down into his throat so that when his head was removed, his neck and above remained immortal.


And a yell of ______ as well as pain and anguish.


And when, using his ______ to tell when the Sun and the Moon aren't paying attention and are distracted, he will sneak up behind them and with a large gulp, swallow them entirely, and a Solar or a Lunar eclipse will occur.


But we know that ______ isn't always entirely fulfilling.


Study Notes

Creation of Humanity

  • Ancestors of humans walked the Earth, but had hair covering their entire bodies
  • They had human-like features, but with a full body hairy covering

The Monster Arakho

  • Arakho was a sneaky monster that lurked in shadows, waiting for prey to be unaware of their surroundings
  • He would pounce, devour all their hair, and leave them exposed to the cold
  • Arakho especially liked to hunt at night, using the cover of darkness to find easy prey

The Problem of Hair Loss

  • Arakho ate too much hair, leaving humans without protection from the elements
  • Humans had to figure out how to make clothing to cover themselves
  • Arakho had a problem, too, as he ran out of food (hair) and couldn't find a suitable replacement

The Gods' Intervention

  • The Gods were upset that Arakho had disrupted their plan for humans to be covered in hair
  • They asked the Sun and the Moon for help, who revealed Arakho's actions
  • The Gods were afraid, wondering if their power was slipping, and if they were losing their immortality

The Magical Potion

  • The Sun and the Moon offered to create a magical potion, the "Waters of Life", to boost the Gods' power and ensure their immortality
  • The Gods were desperate and asked the Sun and the Moon to help
  • The Sun and the Moon were happy to be involved in the drama and created the potion

Arakho's Plan

  • Arakho overheard the conversation between the Sun, the Moon, and the Gods
  • He learned about the Waters of Life and decided to infiltrate the Gods' banquet to steal the potion
  • He created a costume to disguise himself as a God, but realized he couldn't speak or eat with the mask on

The Banquet

  • Arakho snuck into the banquet, waiting for the right moment to steal the Waters of Life
  • During the Sun and the Moon's speech, Arakho slipped away and filled a water pouch with the potion
  • The Gods and Goddesses discovered the theft, and the Sun and the Moon accused Arakho

The Consequences

  • Arakho was chased by the Gods and Goddesses to his hiding place
  • He managed to drink some of the Waters of Life before being caught and beheaded
  • However, his head and neck remained immortal, and he sought vengeance against the Sun and the Moon

Arakho's Fate

  • Arakho's head lurks amongst the clouds, waiting for an opportunity to sneak up on the Sun and the Moon
  • When he succeeds, a Solar or Lunar eclipse occurs
  • However, his vengeance is not fulfilling, and he must start again, as the Sun and the Moon pass through his throat and emerge from his severed neck.

Test your knowledge on the sneaky monster Arakho and his interactions with our ancestors from the beginning of the world. Find out about the changes he brought and how our ancestors adapted.

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