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What is the flavor profile of the most popular and widely consumed coffee species?

Fruity, floral, and acidic notes

Which coffee species has a lower caffeine content on average?


In terms of growing conditions, which climate do Arabica plants thrive in?

Cooler climate with consistent rainfall

Study Notes

Coffee Species Characteristics

  • The most popular and widely consumed coffee species have a distinct flavor profile.

Caffeine Content

  • Arabica coffee species have a lower caffeine content on average.

Growing Conditions

  • Arabica plants thrive in cooler climates with high altitudes, well-defined wet and dry seasons, and average temperatures between 15°C and 25°C.

Test your knowledge about Arabica coffee beans, the most popular and widely consumed species representing 60-70% of global coffee production. Learn about their flavor profile, caffeine content, and growing conditions.

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