AR 324-ARCH32S1 | Building Utilities 3: Acoustics Background

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What is the main focus of the science of acoustics?

Which type of acoustics deals with the reaction of human beings to audible sound?

What is the primary focus of environmental acoustics?

Which type of acoustics deals with noise control in man-made surroundings?

What does electro acoustics primarily focus on?

What does sonics deal with?

What is the threshold of audibility?

What is the unit of frequency?

What does the term 'loudness' refer to?

What does pitch refer to in the context of sound?

How is intensity measured in a medium?

What do high frequency sounds exhibit with respect to their radiation pattern?

What does the term 'wavelength' refer to in the context of sound?

What are the natural elements that can affect sound?

What is sound pressure?

What is speed with respect to sound?


Test your knowledge on the background and components of acoustics, including the science of sound phenomena, production, transmission, absorption of sound, and environmental technology on sound and noise control in man-made surroundings.

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