Application Layer Protocols and Message Exchange

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What is included in the identifier for a process on a host?

Both IP address and port number

What is the port number for an HTTP server?


Which type of protocols allows for interoperability and is defined in RFCs?

Open protocols

What is the definition of RTT in the context of HTTP?

The time for a small packet to travel from the client to the server and back

What is the primary disadvantage of non-persistent HTTP?

Longer file transmission time

Which HTTP method asks the server to leave the requested object out of the response?


What is uploaded in the entity body when using the POST method in HTTP?

Form input

Which HTTP version supports methods like PUT and DELETE?


Where does the status code appear in the server-to-client response message in HTTP?

In the first line of the header section

Which type of applications require a minimum amount of throughput to be effective?

Multimedia and real-time audio/video

What is the primary requirement for applications like Internet telephony and interactive games?

Reliable data transfer

Which transport protocol does FTP (File Transfer Protocol) use?


What is the primary function of the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) service?

Flow control to prevent overwhelming the receiver

Which application layer protocol is used for Web (HTTP) communication?


What is the main characteristic of non-persistent HTTP connections?

At most one object sent over a single TCP connection

What is the primary limitation of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) service?


Which type of applications can tolerate some data loss?

File transfer and remote terminal access

Which transport protocol does Telnet use?


What is the primary requirement for stored audio/video applications?

Low data loss

Which layer provides reliability, flow control, and congestion control in transport protocols?

Transport layer

What is the primary characteristic of persistent HTTP connections?

Downloading multiple objects requires multiple connections

This quiz covers topics related to application layer protocols, message types, message syntax, and message semantics. It includes identifiers like IP addresses and port numbers associated with processes on hosts.

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