Apollo GDS System Proficiency in the North American Travel Industry

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What is the main focus of Module 1 in the course?

Understanding the distribution of tourism

In the travel industry, a passenger is often referred to as all of the following EXCEPT:


What is the primary action associated with 'Travel' according to the text?

Going from one place to another for reasons not associated with everyday life

Which technical skill is emphasized in the course based on the text?

Interpreting airline availability

What system is highlighted as being used to communicate critical client data to suppliers?

Apollo GDS

What does the term 'travel destination seasonality' refer to?

The ideal times to visit a destination based on weather and interest

Which group is responsible for creating, owning, and providing travel products in the tourism industry?

Travel suppliers

What is the primary purpose of tourism according to the text?

To contribute to the economy through travel-related purchases

What is the role of tourism in adapting according to the text?

To support the needs and expectations of travellers

In the context of tourism, what does 'distribution' refer to?

Making travel products available to consumers

What defines a travel supplier in the tourism industry?

Companies that create travel products for consumers

What is one of the key learning outcomes of Week 1 - Module 1 in TRAV137?

Identifying Industry Products

In the context of the text, what is a major focus of Module 1: The Distribution of Tourism?

Exploring Distribution Channels of Tourism Products

Which aspect do travel professionals in the industry need to be able to differentiate according to the text?

Various Domestic and International Airlines

What is emphasized as important when communicating travel data according to the text?

Attention to Detail & Accuracy

What is a key aspect that students are expected to recognize regarding distribution channels in the travel trade?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Distribution Channels

What is one major area that students are encouraged to explore during Week 1 - Module 1?

Research Techniques Used in Tourism Industry

Study Notes

  • The text is about a course titled "TRAV137 Distribution of Travel Products" in the North American travel industry.
  • Students will learn how to source travel information from the Global Distribution System (GDS) and book electronic tickets.
  • The course will be conducted on Blackboard Ultra and students are expected to explore course expectations, evaluations, and navigate the platform.
  • Tourism is defined as the business of providing services to tourists, contributing to it by purchasing travel products to visit destinations.
  • Travel destinations have seasonalities, which determine the best times to visit based on popular interest and weather.
  • The distribution of travel products involves making them available to consumers.
  • Travel suppliers are companies that create, own, and provide travel products.
  • The course will explore different research techniques used in the travel trade and different distribution channels, including their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Students will learn about various domestic and international travel products.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions outside of class time through Blackboard message.

Test your knowledge of airlines, alliances, regulatory bodies, and technical skills required in the North American Travel Industry. This quiz focuses on sourcing key travel information, interpreting airline availability, and accurately booking, pricing, and issuing electronic tickets using the Apollo GDS system.

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