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When did Anne Frank's family move to Amsterdam?


Where did Anne and her family hide during World War II?

In a secret annex behind a bookcase

What type of school did Anne attend when she first moved to the Netherlands?

Montessori school

Who provided assistance for Anne and her family to go into hiding?

Otto Frank's friends

How long did Anne and her family stay in hiding in the secret annex?

Two years

What is Anne Frank mainly known for?

Being a symbol of the Holocaust

What was Anne Frank's motivation for starting her diary?

To become a journalist after the war

Where was Anne Frank taken along with her sister Margot after being discovered?


Who was the only survivor of the eight Jews who hid in the annex with Anne Frank?

Otto Frank

When did Anne Frank die?

March 1945

Why did Otto Frank decide to publish Anne's diary after the war?

He was moved by her words

What has Anne Frank's story inspired generations to fight against?

Prejudice, intolerance, and injustice

Study Notes

The Life and Legacy of Anne Frank

Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany, would become one of the most iconic symbols of the Holocaust and a voice for humanity. Her diary, chronicling her experiences hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II, has touched the lives of millions and remains a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Life before the War

Anne's family moved to Amsterdam in 1933, after her father, Otto Frank, escaped Nazi persecution. Initially, life in the Netherlands was full of promise. Anne attended a Montessori school and made friends with her Dutch classmates. However, as the war escalated and Nazi occupation intensified, Anne and her family, along with millions of other Jews, faced increasing danger.

The Secret Annex

In July 1942, Anne's father, Otto Frank, with the assistance of friends, arranged for Anne and her family to go into hiding within a secret annex in the building where Otto worked. The annex was a small space concealed behind a bookcase, connected to Otto's office. Anne, her parents, her older sister Margot, and four other Jews lived together in the cramped quarters, isolated from the outside world. To maintain their cover, they had to avoid making any noise that might give them away. For two years, they endured the unbearable conditions, relying on the help of non-Jewish friends who risked their lives to bring them food and supplies.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne started writing her diary on June 12, 1942, as a way to express her thoughts and feelings. She wanted to become a journalist when the war was over, and her writing allowed her to explore the ideas and the world she wished to understand. Her diary is a powerful testament to her resilience, her hopes, her dreams, and her struggle to survive against all odds.

The End of Anne's Life

Anne's family was discovered in August 1944, and they were sent to concentration camps. Anne and her sister Margot were taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where they were separated and sent to different parts of the camp. Anne was transferred to Bergen-Belsen, where she contracted typhus and died in March 1945, shortly before British troops arrived to liberate the camp.

Anne's Legacy

Otto Frank, the only survivor of the eight Jews who hid in the annex, found Anne's diary among her belongings after the war. Moved by her words, he decided to publish the diary, which was first released in 1947. Since then, Anne's story has touched the lives of millions, inspiring generations to fight against prejudice, intolerance, and injustice. Her legacy lives on through her diary and her life's story, a testament to the power of an individual's voice and the resilience of the human spirit.

Anne Frank's story is a powerful reminder of the consequences of hatred, intolerance, and injustice. Her life and legacy continue to inspire us to confront our fears and stand up for what is right, even in the darkest of times.

Test your knowledge about the life and legacy of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who kept a diary while hiding from the Nazis during World War II. Learn about her experiences in the secret annex, her aspirations, and the impact of her story on millions worldwide.

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