Animal Domestication and Agriculture History

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When was the first bachelor's degree in Agriculture offered in the Philippines?


What was the name of the cattle breed produced after World War II which involved a three-way cross?

Philamin Cattle

Which farm animal breed was noted for its large size and fast growth rate, resulting from 9 generations of crossing?

Berkjala Pig

Where was the cattle breed Philamin Cattle developed through a three-way cross from?

India, USA, Philippines

In the 16th Century in the Philippines, which animals were Filipinos known to have domesticated?

Cattle, Chickens, Pigs

Which farm animal breed was developed in UPLB after World War II and noted for its superior egg production and low mortality?

Los Baños Cantonese Chicken

What do you call a female pig that has already given birth and is a mature pig?


Which term refers to a castrated male pig before sexual maturity?


What is the term for a young pig from birth up to weaning?


In cattle, what is a heifer?

A female under 1 year old that has not yet given birth

What term is used for a male turkey?


Which of the following animals is known as a squab when young?


What is the purpose of genetically manipulated tilapia as mentioned in the text?

To prevent reproduction of fish while being cultured

Which animal species is primarily associated with wool production?


What is the main focus of swine production as mentioned in the text?

Meat production

Which of the following animals is considered a ruminant species?


Aquaculture involves the farming of which type of species?

Aquatic species like fish and shrimp

What is the goal of producing all-male tilapia in aquaculture as discussed in the text?

To prevent reproduction while being cultured

Explore the history of animal domestication and agriculture, including the origins of domesticated animals like sheep, cattle, pigs, and chickens. Learn about the beginnings of aquaculture and the development of farming practices in different regions.

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