Ancient Wusuns: Turkic Speakers or Ancestors of Yenisei Kyrgyz?

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What did the term 'Saka' most likely mean according to Persian sources?

Skilled and powerful

Which region was primarily populated by the Tigrahauda confederation of Saka tribes?

Tien Shan Mountains

What does the word 'Wusun' translate to according to Chinese sources?

People of ten tribes

Which language family did the Sakas of Central Asia speak according to the text?

Eastern Iranian languages

Where did the Haumavarga confederation of Saka tribes primarily reside?

Fergana Valley

What suggests a cultural similarity between Wusuns and Iranian-speaking Sakas?

Their drinking habits

Which region was inhabited by the Paradaraya or Water Saka confederation?

Syr Darya River

What kind of sources provided the earliest information about the nomads of Central Asia?

Written sources of various historical civilizations

What characteristic is associated with the Wusun State according to Chinese sources?

People of ten tribes

What aspect suggests that Sakas of Central Asia shared similarities with Chinese historical sources?

Linguistic similarities

Explore the debate surrounding the ethnicity and origins of the ancient Wusun people, with some historians suggesting they were Turkic speakers while others believe they were the ancestors of the Yenisei Kyrgyz. Learn about their nomadic state, defeat by the Hunnu, and migration towards Western territories.

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