Ancient Persian Civilization Achievements and Innovations

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What is the main focus of life technology?

Preserve, repair, maintain, reproduce, and improve living systems

Which of the following is NOT part of scientific process as described in the text?

Suggesting solutions

What does the technology process involve?

Identification of a specific need, desire, or opportunity

Which of the following is NOT a step in the technology processes described?

Conceptualization of time travel

What is the key aspect of management technology?

Control of social activities

In the science process described, which step involves formulating a hypothesis?


Who is considered the 'Father of Greek Medicine'?


Which Greek philosopher taught that nature was composed of or convertible into water?

Thales of Miletus

According to Empedocles, nature was a mixture of which four elements?

Earth, Fire, Air, Water

Which Greek mathematician is known for perfecting geometry as a single logical system?


Who is credited with inventing the science of hydrostatics and making a planetarium powered by water?


'Father of Philosophy' who taught that nature was composed of or convertible into water is:

Thales of Miletus

When was the first preparation of strong spirits of wine made in Europe?

12th century

Which architectural innovation allowed buildings to have much higher ceilings and larger windows?

Flying Buttress

In which century did the invention of spectacles occur in Italy?

14th century

Who authored the 'Canon of Medicine'?


What was known to the Chinese several centuries ago before passing to the West or Europe?

Magnetic Compass

Which concept allowed mechanical clocks to tell time accurately?

Gears driven by weights

What is the purpose of a Qanat?

Providing drinking water and irrigation

Who is credited with the discovery of sulfuric acid?

Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Jakarta al-Razi

What is the significant contribution associated with Johann Gutenberg?

Invention of the printing press

What was the primary use of windmills during Medieval Times?

Sawing wood and forging iron

Which civilization introduced a uniform system of gold and silver coinage?

Persian Civilization

What was the main function of a watermill in the feudal economy?

Supplying power for various activities

Which part of the mind is like the top of an iceberg?

Conscious mind

Which part of the personality primarily operates on the 'pleasure principle'?


What is the role of the Ego in personality according to the text?

Controls voluntary motion

Which part of the personality emerges as the 'moral principle' guiding right and wrong behavior?


In Freud's theory, which part of the mind is completely outside of our awareness?

Unconscious mind

Before the arrival of the Spaniards in the Philippines, the natives already had practices linked to which fields?

Science and technology

Explore the advancements and contributions made by the Ancient Persian Civilization, such as in mathematics, postal systems, taxation, and engineering like Qanat. Learn about their introduction of a uniform system of gold and silver coinage and their use of sulfuric acid.

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