Ancient Mesopotamia Civilization Quiz

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What was the period of early settlement in Mesopotamia called?

What was the practice of keeping livestock called in early Mesopotamia?

What was the first place on Earth that developed a writing system?

What is the name of the text, written in cuneiform, that codifies all the laws in Babylon?

What is the principle from the Code of Hammurabi that states the punishment for an offense should be identical to the offense itself?

What does the term 'Mesopotamia' mean?

Why was Mesopotamia a perfect site for civilization to develop?

What was the Fertile Crescent named after?

When did people in the Mesopotamia region begin to develop agricultural practices?

What influenced today's legal system and important inventions in human history?


Test your knowledge about one of the earliest civilizations in the world - Mesopotamia. Learn about the geography, culture, and historical significance of this ancient civilization.

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