Ancient Greek Philosophy Origins

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What is the Greek word for philosophy?


What work by Hesiod is mentioned in the text as shaping philosophy's realization?

Work and Days

Which town is credited as the birthplace of philosophy in the text?


What was the specific reaction that shaped philosophy's realization according to the text?

Transition from muthos to logos

What did the first philosophers from Miletus question according to the text?

Origin of the world

In which century did philosophy begin according to the text?

9th Century BCE

What is the term Thauma means according to the text?


According to Oliver Feltham, what does stupefaction lead to?


What could unhealthy doubts potentially lead to?


How did Pythagoras contribute to a radical shift in philosophical discourse?

By proposing that the world is governed by numbers

What is Pythagoras' idea of a Philosophus?

Someone who seeks wisdom with all their might

How does the text describe philosophy as a science of all things?

It can study anything generating possible ideas, even unknown things

Explore the beginnings of philosophy in Ancient Greece, from Muthos to Logos. Learn about the influence of Hesiod and Homer's works, and how philosophy emerged from the combination of 'Philein' meaning 'love' and 'Sophia' meaning 'wisdom'.

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