Ancient Egyptians: Importance of Animals 3

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Match the Egyptian god with the animal they were associated with:

Thoth = Ibis Sobek = Crocodile Taweret = Hippo Anubis = Jackal

Match the dangerous animal with its symbolic representation in Egyptian culture:

Crocodile = God Sobek Hippo = Goddess Taweret Jackal = God Anubis Ibis = God Thoth

Which animal was worshipped by the Egyptians as the god of writing and knowledge?


Why did Egyptians worship crocodiles like Sobek?

For protection around water

Which god was represented by an animal with the legs of a lion and the face of a crocodile?


What animal did the Egyptians fear and therefore worshipped?


Why was an ibis on a perch used as a symbol for the god Thoth?

To associate with wisdom and knowledge

An ibis on a perch was the symbol for the god ______


The god Sobek had the body of a man and the head of a ______


The most deadly animal in Africa is the ______


Test your knowledge on the significance of animals in Ancient Egyptian culture, including their worship, symbolism, and representation in art. Learn about the special role cats played in Egyptian society and religion.

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