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What ethical concepts did Ma’at represent in ancient Egypt?

Truth, order, and cosmic balance

In Hindu Ethics, what is the force produced by a person's actions in one life that influences their future lives?


Which ancient civilization viewed ethics based on the holy book Qur'an?


What are the chief ends of Hindu ethics according to the text?

Wealth, desire, righteousness, and liberation

'Conformity to the law' is emphasized in the ethics of which group?


Who was considered the first moral philosopher in ancient Greece?


Which ancient king claimed to be divinely chosen for office?


What was Hammurabi's main goal as a ruler based on the text?

To eliminate evil and the wicked

Who was the goddess personifying truth, order, and cosmic balance in Egyptian ethics?


Which ancient king was characterized as one who 'did inquire, examine, judge, perceive and lead aright'?


In what ancient location did the earliest monarchs like Gilgamesh and Lipit-Ishtar rule?


'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' is most famously associated with which ancient king's code?


What philosophical view did Epicurus found?


According to Plato, how is perfection attained?

By practicing the four cardinal virtues

What did Socrates claim about the unexamined life?

It is not worth living for human beings

What was Zeno, the founder of Stoicism, known to teach about the highest end of man?

To practice self-denial and be passionless

What did Aristotle believe was man's chief end?

Being educated and happy

According to Christian Ethics, what is Christianity based on?

The worship of Jesus Christ

Test your knowledge on ancient Egyptian ethical beliefs centered around Ma'at and the key concepts of truth, order, and cosmic balance. Explore Hindu beliefs such as transmigration and karma, which involve the movement of the soul after death and the influence of actions on future lives.

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