Ancient Egypt Civilization

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What is the main city of Egypt?


Which ancient civilization built the pyramids in Egypt?

Ancient Egyptians

What did ancient Egyptians use to write instead of letters?


Who were the kings of ancient Egypt?


What was the process of preserving bodies through wrapping in ancient Egypt called?


Which of the following is NOT an invention attributed to ancient Egyptians?


How old are the pyramids of ancient Egypt?

5,000 years old

What was the writing system used by ancient Egyptians?


Where is the largest city in Africa located?


Which Egyptian king's treasures are on display in museums?

King Tutankhamun

Study Notes

  • Egypt is located in Africa, with Cairo as its main city, the largest city in Africa.
  • About 5,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians built big pyramids that still exist today.
  • Ancient Egyptians invented items like eye makeup, breath mints, and toothpaste, and wrote using pictures instead of letters.
  • Pharaohs were the kings of ancient Egypt, with treasures of Boy King Tutankhamun on display in museums.
  • Mummification in ancient Egypt involved drying out and wrapping people and animals in bandages to preserve them.

Test your knowledge about the ancient Egyptian civilization, including information about the pyramids, inventions, pharaohs, and mummification practices.

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