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What was the primary purpose of the alarm clock in ancient times?

To indicate the time to start or stop activities

Which ancient civilization was perceived as the cradle of politics and governance?

Roman Empire

What type of information did the first newspapers, known as gazettes, contain?

Government announcements of the Roman Empire

How did bound books or codex improve record-keeping in ancient times?

By being lightweight and durable

Which architectural style heavily influenced Roman architecture?

Greek architecture

What aspect of Roman civilization made other civilizations look up to it as a model?

Its legislation and codified laws

Why did Romans devise their own number system?

To facilitate communication and trade with a standard counting method

What was a key advantage of the early newspapers for Romans?

Easy access to government information

How did Gazette differ from modern-day newspapers?

Gazette focused mainly on announcements related to the Roman Empire.

What was a significant benefit of Roman numerals for communication and trade?

They facilitated consistent counting and trading across regions.

Test your knowledge about ancient civilizations and their legacies. Explore the mysteries of mythical places and the contributions of early civilizations to the modern world.

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