1.2 The Neolithic Revolution

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Which type of crops did Mesoamericans grow between 7000 and 5000 b.c.?

Where did the oldest and biggest Neolithic farming villages appear?

When did farming of wheat and barley move eastward into India?

Which crop was grown by farmers in Southeast Asia by 5000 b.c.?

Where was the city of Jericho located, one of the oldest settlements?

What is the significance of the period between 8000 and 5000 b.c. in terms of agriculture?

How did urbanization impact farming in the United States?

Which region saw the cultivation of wheat, barley, and domestication of animals by 8000 b.c.?

What is one impact of high productivity in modern agriculture?

What era is known for the common use of iron tools and weapons?

Which statement best describes the impact of the Neolithic Revolution on farming history?

Which era set the stage for major changes in farming and society?

What was one outcome of the Neolithic Revolution?

What led to the development of cities during ancient times?

When did systematic agriculture begin according to the text?

What purpose might Jericho's tower have served?

How did walls benefit the inhabitants of Jericho?

What was the role of domesticated animals in Jericho?

How did early farmers harvest their crops in Jericho?

What characterized a civilization according to historians in the text?

What material was primarily used to make sickles and hoes for farming during the Neolithic Revolution?

How did the discovery of metals impact tool-making during the Neolithic Age?

What major change in social roles occurred due to the transition to systematic agriculture?

Which metal alloy, discovered around 4000 b.c., was harder and more durable than copper?

What was one of the consequences of men becoming more involved in farming during the Neolithic Revolution?


Explore the transition from the Neolithic Age to the Iron Age, and the developments in farming, societal structures, and military defenses. Delve into the growth of cities in river valleys like Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China.

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