Ancient Cities with Citadel and Lower Town

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What was the part to the west of these cities typically called?

What type of pottery with painted designs in black was found in almost all these cities?

What special building was constructed on the citadel of Mohenjodaro?

What kind of altars were found in cities like Kalibangan and Lothal?

What were the walls around each part of these cities typically made of?

আঞ্জৰ শহৰসমূহ সোনোৱাইচোৰ বাবে কি বিশেষ আছিল?

পাথাৰি বাওৰ প্ৰায় সকলো নগৰৰ সাম্‌নে কি তৈয়াৱ কৰা হৈছে?

আন্ত-নিতি-রিঙ্গিয়ান আনাই-রিঙ্গি info

Mohenjodaro-ত গৰ্বস্থলত কি বিশেষ ভাৱে info

Mohenjodaro, Kalibangan আৰু Lothal-ত info


Take a quiz on ancient cities with citadels and lower towns, and learn about the special characteristics of these historical urban areas, including the division into two parts, the construction of baked brick walls, and the layout of the citadel and lower town.

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