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Which part of the digestive system is primarily responsible for moistening the food and beginning digestion due to its enzymatic content?

Oral cavity

What is the primary function of the parotid and submandibular glands in the digestive system?

Secreting digestive enzymes

Which part of the digestive system is responsible for the storage and concentration of bile produced by the liver?


In which part of the digestive system does the actual digestion and absorption of nutrients take place?


What is the main function of the large intestine in the digestive system?

Absorption of water and electrolytes

Which part of the digestive system is responsible for producing digestive enzymes and bicarbonate to neutralize stomach acid?


Where is the uvula located?

At the end of the soft palate

Which part of the oral cavity is composed mainly of skeletal muscle fibers?


What is the main function of the laryngopharynx?

Communicates with the larynx and esophagus

In which part of the digestive tube is the mucosa formed by an epithelium, lamina propria, and muscularis mucosae?


What is the narrow zone of the stomach where the esophageal sphincter is located?


In which part of the small intestine can Peyer's patches be found?


What do Paneth cells in the small intestine secrete?

Lysozyme to protect from bacterial infections

Where are numerous crypts of Lieberkühn found in abundance?

Small Intestine

What is absent from the mucosa of the large intestine?

Intestinal villi

What forms three narrow bands known as colonic tapeworms in the large intestine?

Muscularis externa/propria

Where is the appendix located?

End of the large intestine

What is the function of the salivary glands?

To aid in the breakdown of carbohydrates in the mouth

What is the role of the gallbladder?

To secrete bile into the duodenum

Which gland has both exocrine and endocrine functions?


What forms the external sphincter in the anal canal?

Skeletal muscle of the pelvic floor

Where does the saliva produced by salivary glands primarily act?

Oral cavity

Which blood vessel receives arterial blood from the hepatic artery and venous blood from the portal vein?

Portal vein

Where are the islets of Langerhans located?


What is a function of hepatocytes?

Secreting bile and endocrine secretions

What are the three pairs of major salivary glands?

Parotid, Sublingual, Submandibular

What structure receives arterial blood from the hepatic artery?

Hepatic duct

What does the pancreas secrete through ducts into the duodenum?

Digestive enzymes

What is the primary function of the rectum?

Elimination of indigestible remains

Test your knowledge of the anatomy of the digestive system including the oral cavity, digestive tube, associated glands, and organs such as the liver, stomach, and intestine.

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