Analyzing Societal Constructs and Gender Norms Quiz

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What type of masculinity is described as dominant, non-emotional except for anger, assertive, and aggressive?

Hegemonic masculinity

Which mental illnesses are associated with the concept of 'ability' in the text?

Depression and bipolar disorder

What is depicted within the concept of 'Happily Ever After' in the context of the text?

Needing to be saved by a woman

Which concept is associated with the depiction of white men and women in 'happily ever after' scenarios within marriage?

Femininity and masculinity

What is linked to the unattainable beauty standards leading to conditions like anorexia, binge-eating, and bulimia?

Eating distress

Which concept involves using stereotypes and gender themes to achieve personal goals by leveraging one's body?

'The Mirror Project'

What term is used to describe the unequal distribution of duties between genders, where women are typically expected to take care of the home and children?

Gender disparity

In the context of the text, what term refers to the view that women's bodies have been historically subjected to regulations and control?

Body policing

What was a common method used to treat women in psychiatric hospitals in the 20th century against their will, as mentioned in the text?

Electro-shock therapy

Which term refers to the historical belief that women's erratic behavior was due to disturbances in their uterus?

Hysteria theory

What common reason led to women being stigmatized as 'mentally ill' if they tried to seek employment or housing after being in psychiatric hospitals?

'Rehabilitation' efforts

Which term describes the expectation for women to fulfill both the roles of breadwinner and homemaker simultaneously, as discussed in the text?

'Dual burden' concept

Study Notes

Family and Relationships

  • Family violence and mental illness are interconnected
  • Women's unpaid work has no monetary value and is seen as an expectation

Gender Roles and Stereotypes

  • Intersectionality: gender, race, class, and status are interconnected
  • Traditional gender roles: breadwinner (male) and homemaker (female)
  • Pink-collar workers: unequal distribution of duties, lower status

Historical Context

  • 20th century: women were imprisoned, medicated, and lobotomized against their will
  • Women were denied medical treatment and stigmatized as "mentally ill"

Female Body and Sexuality

  • Female body has been regulated and controlled for centuries
  • Hysteria originated from the Greek word "hysteria" (uterus)
  • Sexual Violence: criminalized female sexuality and attributed to "hysteria"

Beauty Culture and Consumerism

  • Beauty ideal: unattainable beauty standards, leading to eating disorders
  • Consumerism: money spent on makeup, clothes, and styles
  • Influencers and social media perpetuate beauty standards

Mental Health and Illnesses

  • Unhealthy relationships, self-harm, depression, and anxiety
  • Mental illnesses: depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline, etc.
  • Autism and neurodivergent individuals

Racism and Representation

  • Racism and white supremacy in media representation
  • Lack of representation of marginalized groups
  • Stereotypes and gender themes in media

Hegemonic Masculinity

  • Stereotypical dominant male: hyper-masculine, non-emotional, assertive, and confident
  • Heteronormative and athletic, with a focus on being a breadwinner

This quiz delves into a wide range of societal constructs and gender norms, including topics such as sexual violence, immigration, self-love, grief, healthy and unhealthy relationships, beauty culture, masculinity, femininity, poverty, and more. Explore how these concepts intersect and impact various aspects of society.

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