Amino Acids: Classification and Structure

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What is the nitrogen content in proteins?

Around 16% of the molecular weight

Why did Berzelius suggest the term 'proteins' for these substances?

Because he thought them to be most important of biological substances

What are proteins made up of?

20 standard amino acids in different sequences and numbers

What are the monomers of proteins called?

Amino α-amino acids

What did GJ Mulder find about substances in milk and eggs?

They could be coagulated on heating and were nitrogenous compounds

Study Notes

Proteins Overview

  • Proteins contain approximately 16% nitrogen by weight.

Origin of the Term "Proteins"

  • Jons Jakob Berzelius suggested the term "proteins" for these substances because they are primary or essential components of living organisms.

Protein Composition

  • Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are organic compounds.

Monomers of Proteins

  • The monomers of proteins are called amino acids.

Discovery about Substances in Milk and Eggs

  • GJ Mulder discovered that substances in milk and eggs, previously thought to be albumin, were actually complex nitrogen-containing compounds, which led to the coinage of the term "proteins".

Learn about the classification, structure, and non-standard amino acids with Dr. Mohamed Attia Ragheb, a renowned lecturer of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Explore the protein composition and the historical background of amino acids' discovery.

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