American Revolution

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Who was the wealthy widow who married George Washington?

Martha Custis

Who was the goal of Marquis de Montcalm?

To split New England from the colonies

Who was the Commander of British forces in America during the attack on Quebec?

Sir Jeffrey Amherst

How did the British forces capture Quebec?

They pretended to attack east, sailed by the city at night, climbed a cliff, and surprised the defenders

What was the outcome of the British capture of Quebec?

They took more forts and the French surrendered more forts

What was the purpose of the Stamp Act imposed by Britain?

To levy taxes on all printed materials and legal documents

Who was the primary goal of Marquis de Montcalm during the military operations?

To split New England from the colonies

What strategy did Sir Jeffrey Amherst employ to capture Quebec?

Pretend to attack east and sail by the city at night on the Saint Lawrence river

What was the outcome of the British capture of Quebec?

Montcalm left the city and was later killed by the British

Who became the most important figure after the capture of Quebec?

Sir Jeffrey Amherst

Test your knowledge of the events leading up to the American Revolution with this quiz on the British laws, such as the Stamp Act, that stirred up colonial unrest. Learn about key figures like Martha Custis and Marquis de Montcalm and their role in this pivotal period of history.

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