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¿Qué significa "photography macro"?

Fotografía con una ampliación de 1X o mayor

¿Qué tipo de cámara necesitamos para hacer fotografía macro?

Una cámara con objetivos intercambiables

¿Qué tipo de objetivos podemos usar para la fotografía macro?

Cualquier objetivo para una cámara reflex o sin espejo

¿Qué sucede cuando combinamos múltiples filtros?

La calidad de la imagen se reduce

¿Qué sucede cuando duplicamos la distancia focal del objetivo?

La distancia de trabajo se duplica

Study Notes

  • The definition of photography macro is photography with an enlargement of 1X, real or larger size. This means that if we compare them side by side, the object and the image, they would have the same size.

  • Images with an enlargement of 1X or greater are considered macro.

  • Amplifications up to 4X or 5X can be easily achieved with camera lenses, but a larger enlargement requires a microscope and special optical banks.

  • The approach photography is photography that the subject is closer to the usual, but this is a very subjective term.

  • In general, if we are talking about photography macro, this is when the subject is reproduced approximately 1/10 of their real size on the camera sensor.

  • There is a third term, micro.

  • This term is applied to photographs taken with the help of a microscope, in this case macro photography.

  • CAMERA Each time there are more possibilities to take photography macro. Today, with a compact camera and even a mobile phone, we can take photographs up to a few centimeters from the subject.

  • For macro photography, we need a camera that can be switched to interchangeable lenses.

  • In mobile phones, we have the option of buying lenses that fit the lens and provide an enlargement for the image.

  • For compact cameras, it will depend on the specifications of the same, but good results can be achieved in photography macro. However, when composing the image using the LCD screen, if we are under strong light it can be difficult to judge the result before taking the photo.

  • For contact with macro photography and normal photography, a mobile and a compact camera are both good candidates.

EQUIPO Reflex or mirrorless cameras are a type of camera between a compact and a reflex or mirror camera (evil).

It is a version larger of a compact camera, with a reflex system and non-interchangeable objective. They typically have an electronic viewfinder (EVF). The EVF is not suitable for critical focus in close-up photography.

They are usually equipped with zoom lenses, often with a wide range -for example, 27-486 mm (18×) in some models- and have a macro mode that allows focusing up to 1 cm, depending on the model.

OBJETIVOS In principle, any objective for a reflex or mirrorless camera can be used for photography macro or close-up photography with the appropriate accessories.

Focal distances will determine at what distance we will be from the subject and the angle at which the background will appear in the image.

doubling the focal distance of the objective will double the distance of work. So a macro objective with a focal distance of 100 mm will be twice as close to the subject as a 50 mm objective.

An tele-objective with

  • Filters do not reduce the amount of light that reaches the sensor, so there is no need to make exposure calculations.
  • You can use 2 or more filters at the same time to create greater amplification, but this may reduce image quality.
  • There are many different filter types and grades available, with greater quality and price variations.
  • Higher quality filters will give better results with any lens.
  • To achieve the best image quality, you can purchase a filter of the same brand as the camera. For example, Canon offers a 250D filter designed specifically for use with a 250 mm lens, and the 500D filter is for use with lenses of 500 mm.
  • When combining multiple filters, the quality of the image will decrease.
  • It is important to remember that the more filters you combine, the worse the image quality will be.

Test your knowledge of macro photography and equipment with this quiz. Learn about the definition of macro photography, different camera types suitable for macro photography, lenses and filters, and techniques for getting the best results.

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