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What was the initial reaction of Con to Fred's statement?

She disagreed and emphasized the importance of consensus

What caught Fred's attention in the clearing?

Four trees fallen together at the far end

How did Fred feel about the largest tree in the clearing?

It was immense, comparable to Nelsonโ€™s Column in Trafalgar Square

What was the response of Con when Fred expressed his curiosity about the trees?

She warned Fred to stay in the open and not to investigate

What did Fred notice at the base of one of the smaller trees?

A mess of fernlike plants and a few mushrooms

How did Fred's curiosity affect his actions in the clearing?

It pushed aside his fear and drove him to investigate further

What was the destination of the plane?


What was the boy in the cockpit doing as the plane began to rise?

Gripping his seat and holding his breath

What was the reaction of the pale girl with blonde hair to the flight?

She was determinedly not looking out of the window

What was the girl in the next row doing during the flight?

Staring down at the water and singing under her breath

What was the condition of the airfield they had just left?

Dusty and almost deserted

What were the physical similarities between the girl and her little brother?

Slanted eyebrows and brown skin

What caused the fire from the plane crash to be extinguished?

Heavy rain

How did Fred, Con, and Lila react when they first encountered each other?

They were disoriented and shocked

What was the initial reaction of the children towards Fred?


What was the characters' immediate concern after the plane crash?

Assessing their injuries

What kind of location were the characters in after the plane crash?


What did the heavy rain help the characters to do?

Extinguish the fire

What language does Lila use to comfort Max?


Who carries Max when they stumble upon a clearing with foul-tasting water?


What does Lila suggest based on advice from their parents?

To sleep

Who suggests that things will look better in the morning?


What is the group's main concern in the Amazon jungle?


Who is injured in the Amazon jungle?


Who wakes up covered in blood and scabs in the Brazilian jungle?


What does Fred offer Max to calm him down in the jungle?

A mint

What does Lila advocate for due to the burnt surroundings in the jungle?

Making camp in the jungle

What does Con insist on despite Lila's rational argument?

Waiting by the plane for rescue

What is the primary cause of tension between Lila and Con?

Their conflicting opinions on survival strategy

Who is left to make the final decision between Lila's logical reasoning and Con's hope for rescue near the plane?


What does Lila say about the behavior of the fish in the river?

They mostly eat small things like birds and frogs

What does Con believe about swimming in the river?

It is unsafe due to the presence of fish with teeth

What is the plural form of 'piranha' according to Lila?


How does Fred describe the appearance of the fish in the river?

Silver with a red belly

What is Con's reaction to Lila's attempt to rationalize the safety of swimming in the river?

He is skeptical and dismissive

What does Fred notice about the behavior of the fish in the river?

They appeared beautiful but potentially dangerous

What did Fred do to quieten the roar of fear behind his ribs?

Made a raft

How did Lila contribute to the process of making the raft?

Heaved branches to the fire

What was Con's concern about making the raft?

It's not going to work

What was Max's self-proclaimed strength in helping with the raft?

He's actually the best at helping

What did Con do after unwinding herself from her angry ball of limbs?

Silently approached

What was Fred's method of collecting branches for the raft?

Put his whole weight on them and swung his legs

What does Fred use to create a spark for the fire?

The steel from his broken watch

What do the children plan to make with the grubs?

Chocolate pancakes using cocoa beans

What does Max refuse to eat in the jungle?


What emotion does Fred show when he quietly puts the watch in his pocket?

A mix of emotions about using his father's gift for survival

What do the children discuss to keep the fire going?

Sleeping in shifts

What is Lila's reaction to Max's upset state?

She tries to comfort Max

What was the primary concern of the children in the survival situation?

Finding a safe food source in the jungle

Who among the children demonstrated knowledge about animals and their potential as a food source?


What action did Lila take to address the group's hunger?

She found cocoa pods and suggested eating the cocoa beans and larvae inside

What prompted Fred to reluctantly try eating a grub?

Lila reassuring the group about the safety of eating the larvae

What did the children's interactions and decisions reflect in the survival situation?

Their struggle to navigate survival instincts and interpersonal dynamics

What did the narrative provide insights into?

The characters' personalities, relationships, and coping mechanisms in a high-stress situation

Who is skeptical about the idea of building a raft to escape the jungle?


What food do the characters resort to cooking over a fire in the jungle?

Grub paste

What does Fred feel the weight of for their survival?


What is the primary focus of the characters' discussion regarding being rescued?

Staying put or attempting to signal for help

Who supports the idea of building a raft as a means to escape the jungle?


What reveals the characters' differing attitudes towards risk and survival?

The characters' fears and reservations

What did Fred use to stabilize the raft before they got on it?

He tied extra branches around the outside

How did the raft react when it landed on the water?

It tipped up on its right side and righted itself

What was Max's reaction after Fred confirmed that the raft floats?

He impulsively jumped head first into the river

How did Lila respond when Fred offered a hand to help her onto the raft?

She took it

What did the raft feel like when the group first got on it?

It shook as they arranged themselves but soon steadied

What did Max exclaim after they were all on the raft?

It works

What did Lila do with the pineapple for breakfast?

Carved it into quarters and wrapped each piece in a large leaf

What was Fred's reaction upon realizing Max was missing?

He jumped to his feet and whispered 'Please, no.'

What did Fred dream about that caused him to wake up in the clearing near the pool?

He dreamt he heard his father weeping and was running home.

What did Fred notice about the behavior of the fish in the river?

They were leaping out of the water frequently.

What did Fred have in his hands when he startled awake in the clearing?

A handful of grass and moss

What did Lila do with the chunks of pineapple for breakfast?

She wrapped each piece in a large leaf and stacked them outside the den.

What did Fred retrieve from the water despite warnings?

A silver box

Who volunteers to remember the way back?


What do the characters encounter in the narrow river?

A shoal of fish and a possible piranha

What does the text end with?

A cliffhanger as the characters notice something in the water

Who jumps into the water to retrieve an item?


What feature of the river affects the raft's movement?

The current is slow under the cover of trees, but faster in the middle of the river

What does the discovery of the pineapple symbolize for the group?

A moment of joy and wonder in their challenging journey

How does Fred feel about the vibrant and diverse nature around him?

Overwhelmed and captivated

What do the pineapples bring to the group in the midst of their challenging journey?

A delightful respite

What does the pineapple highlight in the unfamiliar environment?

The contrast between the familiar and the unknown

What does Fred liken the feeling of discovering the pineapple to?

What Columbus must have felt

What does the group's dynamics reveal through the pineapple experience?

Showcasing their individual personalities

What did Fred speculate about the origin of the sardine tin?

It belonged to an English explorer who never returned

What did the group use as a mooring point for the raft?

A familiar spot recognized by the group

What did Fred find comfort and safety in while at the campsite?

The warmth of the fire

What did Lila use to explain the danger of electric eels to the group?

An empty sardine tin found in the water

What did Fred notice about the branch used as a mooring point for the raft?

It had been intentionally tied to the tree

What did the group encounter while rafting in the Amazon?

An electric eel

What did Con suggest as a way to escape the situation?

To promise the explorer whatever he wanted

What did the light from the fire reveal about the explorer?

Scars in the crook of his elbow and on his knuckles

How did Fred respond when Con urged him to promise whatever the explorer wanted?

He refused to promise anything

What was Lila's demeanor when she suggested the need to go home?

Very quiet and avoiding eye contact

What was Max doing as the others discussed their options?

Sucking his wrist with a downturned mouth

What was the explorer's reaction to the children's refusal to keep the secret?

He expressed disappointment and anger

What did the explorer do after Fred expressed his apology?

Tied his shoes and sharpened a knife

How was the explorer captured in the past?

By the owners of a rubber company

What did Fred feel when the explorer began sharpening the knife?

Fear that the man might cut off his fingers

How did Fred feel about the explorer's comment on his actions being 'dishonest and counterproductive'?

Flushed and acknowledged the truth in the comment

What did the explorer refuse to discuss with Fred?

His startle reflex

How did Fred feel when he met the explorer's eye for the first time?

Nervous and tense

What does Lila threaten to do if the group makes Max cry again?

She threatens to punch the group if they make Max cry again.

What does Con accuse Fred of?

Con accuses Fred of misleading the group with promises of a safe return.

What does the group consider searching for behind a curtain of vines?

A hidden area with potential dangers and benefits.

What does Fred suggest as an alternative if the explorer refuses to help them reach Manaus?

To find supplies in a hidden area behind a curtain of vines.

What does the group discuss in relation to their predicament?

The feasibility of finding supplies in the deserted city.

What does Fred do after the explorer storms off in anger?

Fred eats the bird seasoned with the dropped seasoning and finds it delicious.

What is the setting described as in the text?

A dark, deserted city square with statues and overgrown ruins

What did the explorer forbid the children from touching?

A wall of vines

Who persuaded Lila to join in investigating the vines despite Con's reluctance?


What emotion is depicted in the tense encounter between the explorer and the children?


Who is also present with Max during the confrontation?


What do the children express during the confrontation with the explorer?

Remorse and insistence that they were planning to take something

What does Fred plan to draw for his father?

A drawing of the canopy

What does Fred cautiously check for before exploring the ruin?


What does Fred try to engage in with the explorer, but gets dismissed?

A conversation

What does the ruin look like in the sunrise?

With vines covering walls and a green canopy overhead

What does the explorer advise Fred on regarding waking him up in the future?

To touch his shoulder gently

What does the explorer warn Fred to stay away from when he's sleeping?


What did the roaring sound from the far side of the square resemble?

A bear

What did the vulture do when it approached the group?

Sat on Max's shoe and watched balefully

How did the explorer react when Max informed him that they had cooked food specially for him?

He declined the offer, thanking them

What did the explorer warn Max about when he crouched down in front of him?

Vulture poo in his hair

How did the explorer initially react when he reappeared and saw the group?

Looked briefly startled, then nodded at them

What did Lila do when the explorer seemed to have forgotten they were there?

Asked him to come back

What did Fred use to make a long-handled spear?


What did Con compare fishing to?

Old men sitting around on riverbanks telling people to be quiet

What did Fred use to gradually shed the burnt-grease smell off his arms?

Rainwater collected in hollows of stones

What did Lila's spear have wrapped around the flint?


What did Fred search for to wash the grease off his arms?


What was the morning like when the group was making spears?


What does Fred use to extinguish his cigarette?

A snail shell

What does Max display signs of while singing quietly to himself?


What prompts Fred to consider investigating despite objections?

A distant roar

What does the explorer teach the group to make using intestines?


What does Con grip in her sleep, prompting Fred to reassure her?

Fred's ankle

Who kicks Fred awake when the group wakes up?


What does the explorer warn Fred about in the jungle?

The danger of revealing the beauty of the jungle to the world

What does the explorer advise the children about taking risks?

To take risks but not to do so to impress others

What did the children attempt to use as a mosquito repellent in the jungle?


What impact did the encounter with the explorer have on the children?

It left a lasting impact, shaping their understanding of love and risk-taking

What did the children's attempt at smoking to repel mosquitoes reflect?

Their innocence and inexperience

What emotion did the explorer express while reminiscing about his past?

Drunk and emotional, expressing regret

What drink does the explorer offer to the children?

Sugar cane, coconut milk, and herb drink

What does the explorer claim older piranhas taste like?


What does the explorer express a deep connection to?

Places and the importance of protecting them

What impact does the encounter with the explorer have on the children?

Leaves a profound impact, particularly on Fred

What does the explorer demonstrate to the children in the jungle?

His survival skills by quickly lighting a fire and cooking a fish

What does Lila try out of curiosity when offered by the explorer?

The drink made of sugar cane, coconut milk, and herbs

What did Fred suggest tattooing on their skin?

The letter 'X'

What did Lila use to sterilize the tip of the penknife?

Flames from the fire

What did Fred cut into the base of his thumb with a penknife?

A thin line

What did Con do to the penknife before Lila sterilized it?

Sharpened it with a stone

What was Fred's response when Con asked if cutting his skin hurt?

He said it hurt a bit

What was the group's concern about tattooing a phrase on their skin?

It would be too complicated

What was the explorer's initial reaction when Lila confronted him about helping her sick brother?

He showed anger and then concern for Max's condition

How did Lila react when the explorer asked if Max was dead?

She let out a roar and backed away in denial

What was the impact of Lila's confrontation with the explorer on Fred?

He felt a mixture of fear and admiration for Lila's boldness

How did Con react to Fred's statement about carrying Max?

She offered to help carry Max

What did Fred notice about Lila's behavior towards Max during the confrontation?

She was fiercely protective of Max

What did the explorer's anger turn into when he realized Max was sick?

Concern and willingness to help

What does the explorer warn the group about in the forest?

Mosquitoes and vampire bats

What does the explorer advise the group to do before the rains?

Leave the forest

What does Max express fear of in the forest?

Being watched

What does Fred see just as he is falling asleep?

Movement in the trees outside the stone house

What does the text leave the reader with?

A feeling of unease and impending danger

What does the group discuss making netting from, but the explorer offers an alternative?


What did the explorer emphasize the need for, illustrating the challenges the group will face on their journey?

Calmness and preparation

What did Lila use as a substitute for a pen to demonstrate resourcefulness?

Flint to carve into stone

What ritual did Fred, Lila, Con, and Max perform in secrecy?

Marking an X on their hands with ink and blood

What did the explorer initiate after observing the group's secret ritual?

An 'explorer school' to teach them survival techniques and navigation

What did the explorer share with the group about the dangers of the river?

The high risks of falling overboard

What did the explorer stress the importance of for their journey?

Understanding both the river and the land

What game do the group decide to play despite the heavy rain?

Stuck in the mud

What advice does Lila give to Con when she experiences a stitch while playing?

Hold branches tightly to alleviate the pain

What happens to Max in the jungle?

He goes missing and is found convulsing at the base of a tree

What shift in atmosphere occurs as the group deals with the crisis?

From playful to tense

What impact do the events in the jungle have on Fred?

They have a lasting impact on him, and he reflects on the experience years later

What does the text create a sense of as it sets the stage for a dramatic turn of events?


What does the explorer advise Fred to do if they run out of fuel before reaching Manaus?

Fly inland and land on the smoothest field they can find

What does Fred notice about Lila's physical state while sitting with Max?

Her eyes were red and she had bitten her lip until it was bleeding

What does the explorer instruct the group to do if they encounter a fuel shortage before reaching Manaus?

Fly inland and look for cattle ranches with open fields to land on

What does Fred do when he can no longer bear the sight of Max's condition?

He jumps up and goes in search of the explorer

What does the explorer advise Fred to use as a navigator if they need help with topography?

Con, who has a memory for topography

What does the explorer warn the group about in relation to reaching Manaus?

They will likely run out of fuel before reaching the city

What does Fred observe about Max's appearance in the firelight?

Max looked thin and frail, as if a single jolt might kill him

What did Fred use to set the plane on fire?

A lighted branch

What did the group use to attract attention after setting the plane on fire?

The fire

What did Fred feel gratitude for after the plane incident?

The smell of freshly mown grass

What was the mode of transportation used by the group after the plane crash?

Motor launch

What did the group use to burn the plane's engine?

A lighted branch

What did the ship have that Lila played?

A piano

What did the ship have with gold walls?

The dining room

What was the color of the field they landed in?


What did the engine of the plane sound like when it woke?

An animal

What does the explorer fear being recognized for?

His true identity as a famous lost explorer

What did Fred accuse the explorer of being?

A coward

What did the explorer share about his youth?

His dark thoughts and wishes

What did the explorer emphasize to the children about facing fear?

To face their fear and assure them of their capability to overcome it

Why does the explorer insist that Con must get on the plane?

To ensure her safety

Why does the explorer reveal he cannot accompany the children?

Due to limited fuel and the plane's capacity

What does the explorer emphasize the importance of during the flight?

The front wheels landing first

What does the explorer compare Con to, emphasizing her bravery and resilience?

A lionheart

What does the explorer do as a gesture for Fred before departing?

Bids farewell

What does the explorer entrust to the explorer, insisting that it belongs to her?

Baca, a rescued animal

What message does the explorer impart to the group before they depart?

A message of bravery and taking risks

What does Lila do as the explorer prepares to depart, expressing her gratitude for meeting Max?

Comforts the explorer

What does the explorer do in response to Con's fear?

Acknowledges her fear and encourages bravery

What does Fred offer Con during the holidays, hinting at a deeper connection?

A place to stay

Study Notes

Lost in the Amazon Jungle

  • Fred wakes up in the Brazilian jungle, finding himself covered in blood and scabs, with his friends Lila and Con asleep nearby.
  • The trio realizes that Max, a little boy, is missing, and Fred frantically searches for him.
  • Fred finds Max playing by a vile-smelling puddle, and the boy starts screaming as Fred approaches.
  • Fred tries to comfort Max with a mint and offers him a sweet to calm him down.
  • Despite Max's refusal to blow his nose, Fred and Lila lead him back to Con, all three of them showing signs of injuries and distress.
  • Lila and Con argue about whether to stay near the crashed plane or venture into the jungle to find help, with Lila advocating for making camp in the jungle due to the burnt surroundings.
  • The girls disagree about whether to stay near the plane or explore the jungle for survival.
  • Lila, who appears to be about Fred's age, is assertive and suggests making camp in the jungle, while Con insists on staying near the plane, expecting rescue.
  • The group debates the pros and cons of staying near the plane versus setting up camp in the jungle, with the pilot's death also part of their considerations.
  • The girls' conflicting opinions create tension, with Lila advocating for a logical approach while Con insists on waiting by the plane for rescue.
  • Lila's rational argument, based on the burnt surroundings and lack of animals for food, clashes with Con's insistence on waiting by the plane for rescue.
  • Fred is left to make the final decision between Lila's logical reasoning and Con's hope for rescue near the plane.

Survival in the Jungle

  • Four characters are described: Lila, Con, Fred, and Max, stranded in the jungle.
  • They struggle to find food, resorting to cooking grub paste on a stone over a fire.
  • They face the challenge of finding a suitable place for a makeshift toilet.
  • The idea of building a raft to escape the jungle is proposed by Fred.
  • Con is skeptical about the raft idea, expressing doubt about its feasibility.
  • Lila, on the other hand, supports the idea of building a raft as a means to escape.
  • The group discusses the possibility of being rescued if they stay put or attempt to signal for help.
  • Con is reluctant to take the risk of building a raft and leaving the safety of their current location.
  • The characters express their fears and reservations about their situation.
  • Fred feels the weight of responsibility for their survival and is determined to find a way out.
  • The discussion reveals the characters' differing attitudes towards risk and survival.
  • The text emphasizes the characters' struggle for survival and the challenges they face in the jungle.

Amazon Adventure and Mysterious Discovery

  • Fred, Lila, Max, and Con encounter an electric eel while rafting in the Amazon.
  • Lila and Con help Fred escape the eel and onto the raft.
  • Lila explains the danger of electric eels using an empty sardine tin found in the water.
  • The group struggles to navigate the raft back upstream, facing obstacles like overhanging branches and scratches.
  • They recognize a familiar spot and use a branch as a mooring point for the raft.
  • Fred discovers that the branch has been intentionally tied to the tree, raising suspicion.
  • The group returns to their campsite, and Fred feels uneasy, sensing something following them.
  • Fred revives the fire, finding comfort and safety in its warmth and the feeling of having a weapon.
  • They examine the sardine tin and realize it was canned in Plymouth, England.
  • Fred speculates that the tin might have belonged to an English explorer who never returned.
  • He shares a story about Hiram Bingham's discovery of an Inca city, highlighting the allure of exploration.
  • The group ponders the possibility of encountering an unexplored site in the Amazon, sparking their imagination.

The Explorer and Fred's Interaction

  • Fred and the explorer have a confrontation after Fred is caught near the vines
  • The explorer threatens Fred with a knife, warning him to stay away from the vines
  • Fred experiences guilt and nightmares after the incident
  • Fred plans to draw the canopy for his father
  • Fred decides to apologize to the explorer despite feeling humiliated
  • Fred cautiously checks his boots for scorpions before exploring the ruin
  • The ruin looks more alive in the sunrise, with vines covering walls and a green canopy overhead
  • Fred encounters stone statues and a sleeping explorer in a hammock
  • The explorer explains how he knew Fred was approaching and gives him advice on waking him up
  • The explorer warns Fred to stay away from him when he's sleeping
  • Fred tries to engage in polite conversation with the explorer, but the explorer dismisses it
  • The explorer advises Fred on how to wake him up in the future.

Encounter with an Explorer in the Jungle

  • Lila and her friends present a homemade meal to an explorer, who finds it inedible.
  • The explorer quickly lights a fire and begins cooking a fish, demonstrating his survival skills.
  • The explorer offers the children a drink made of sugar cane, coconut milk, and herbs, with a strong taste.
  • Lila tries the drink out of curiosity, while Baca attempts to drink from a coconut and finds it unpleasant.
  • The explorer serves the children piranha, claiming that older piranhas taste like chicken.
  • The explorer engages in conversation, sharing his perspective on the jungle and its appeal to those seeking a wilder lifestyle.
  • He expresses a deep connection to places and the importance of protecting them, likening the recognition of a special place to love at first sight.
  • The encounter with the explorer leaves a profound impact on the children, particularly Fred.

Secret Swear and Explorer School

  • Fred, Lila, Con, and Max perform a secret ritual by marking an X on their hands with ink and blood, making a solemn vow to keep their discovery a secret.
  • Max, the youngest, insists on participating in the ritual despite the pain and secrecy involved, and eventually joins his siblings in the vow.
  • The explorer, who has been observing them, initiates an "explorer school" to teach them survival techniques and navigation.
  • The group discusses their knowledge of the river and their raft-building skills with the explorer, who shares his own experiences and knowledge of the area.
  • The explorer describes the dangers of the river, including the need to secure the youngest member, and emphasizes the need for preparation and equanimity in the face of potential danger.
  • The explorer emphasizes the importance of being prepared and resourceful, highlighting the necessity of a pen for their journey.
  • Lila uses a flint to carve into stone as a substitute for a pen, demonstrating their resourcefulness and adaptability.
  • The explorer shares his memories of navigating the river, highlighting the challenges and joy he experienced during his early expeditions.
  • The group is given meat from a gourd, and the explorer emphasizes the need for them to understand both the river and the land to find their way home.
  • The explorer recounts his past expedition experiences and the various goals of the expeditions, providing insight into the challenges and motivations of exploration.
  • The group learns about the dangers they will face on the river, including the need to secure the youngest member and the high risks of falling overboard.
  • The explorer emphasizes the need for preparation and equanimity in the face of potential danger, illustrating the challenges they will face on their journey.

The Jungle Adventure

  • The group wakes up to heavy rains and finds fresh fish left by the explorer outside their shelter.
  • They seek shelter under the statues in the square, waiting for the rain to stop.
  • Fred suggests playing games to pass the time, and they decide to play "stuck in the mud" despite the heavy rain.
  • While playing, Con experiences a stitch and Lila advises her to hold branches tightly to alleviate the pain.
  • Max goes missing, and the group frantically searches for him in the jungle.
  • They find Max convulsing at the base of a tree, struggling to breathe.
  • The group is distressed and worried about Max's condition.
  • The situation creates a sense of urgency and fear among the group.
  • The atmosphere shifts from playful to tense as they deal with the crisis.
  • The group's bond is tested as they face a challenging and frightening situation.
  • The events in the jungle have a lasting impact on Fred, who reflects on the experience years later.
  • The text creates a sense of suspense and sets the stage for a dramatic turn of events.

The Explorer's Farewell

  • Con expresses her love for the jungle and her freedom there, contrasting it with the restrictions and expectations of home.
  • The explorer insists Con must return home to avoid being found, but promises her more adventures in the future.
  • The explorer compares Con to a lionheart, emphasizing her bravery and resilience.
  • Fred offers Con a place to stay during the holidays, hinting at a deeper connection.
  • Lila urges Fred to ensure the explorer's safe departure, emphasizing the importance of the task.
  • The group gathers at the stone city as the explorer prepares to leave, showing signs of their challenging journey.
  • Lila entrusts Baca, a rescued animal, to the explorer, who insists that Baca belongs to her.
  • The explorer comforts Lila as she prepares to depart, expressing his gratitude for meeting Max.
  • The explorer encourages Lila to share the beauty and demands of the world with others upon her return.
  • The explorer imparts a message of bravery and taking risks to the group before they depart.
  • Con expresses her fear, to which the explorer responds by acknowledging her fear and encouraging bravery.
  • The explorer bids farewell to the group and gestures for Fred to enter the plane before departing.

"Lost in the Amazon Jungle" Quiz: Join Fred, Lila, and Con on a thrilling adventure in the Brazilian jungle. Make critical decisions alongside the characters as they navigate through danger, conflicting opinions, and the struggle for survival. Experience the tension and drama as you help Fred make the ultimate decision in this gripping jungle survival story.

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