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Which algorithm is being traced and analyzed for efficiency in question 6?

Which method is used to solve the Selection Problem in question 5?

What is the purpose of the Master Theorem in question 7?


  1. Analyze efficiency of various sorting and traversal algorithms.
  2. Explain decrease-and-conquer methods for solving problems.
  3. Trace Topological Sorting using DFS and Source Removal Algorithm.
  4. Analyze efficiency of Binary Search.
  5. Describe Selection Problem and its solution using decrease-and-conquer.
  6. Trace QuickSelect algorithm and analyze efficiency.
  7. Define recurrence and apply Master Theorem to solve divide-and-conquer algorithms.
  8. Trace Merge Sort and Quick Sort and analyze efficiency.
  9. Explain pivot selection and methods to improve Quick Sort performance.
  10. Describe divide-and-conquer method for multiplying two n-digit numbers.


"Sharpen your algorithm analysis skills with our quiz! Test your knowledge on a variety of topics, including sorting and traversal algorithms, decrease-and-conquer methods, Topological Sorting, Binary Search, Selection Problem, QuickSelect algorithm, recurrence, Master Theorem, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, pivot selection, and divide-and-conquer multiplication. Challenge yourself to trace algorithms and analyze their efficiency while incorporating specific keywords related to each topic. Take the quiz and improve your algorithmic problem-solving abilities!"

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