Alexander the Great and Hellenism

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What military reform did King Philip II of Macedonia implement?

Why did Philip establish the League of Corinth?

How did Sparta respond when Philip threatened to march against them?

What action did Alexander take against Thebes when they refused to submit to his rule?

Which region did Alexander first invade in his conquest of Persia?

What event led to the emperor Darius III fleeing during the Battle of Issus?

In what manner did Alexander punish the resistance of the city of Tyre?

How did Alexander establish control over Egypt after defeating the Persians?

What title did Alexander give himself after conquering the Persian Empire?

Why did Alexander's men demand to cease their conquests in India?

What does the term 'Hellenization' refer to in the context of Alexander the Great?

Why was Macedonia initially considered an uncultured region by many Greeks in the south?

How did Alexander's conquests contribute to the spread of Hellenism?

What belief is central to Hellenism as described in the text?

How did King Philip II's reign influence Alexander the Great's rise to power?


Learn about Alexander the Great, the Greek king and conqueror who spread Greek culture and language through Hellenization during his conquests from Greece to modern-day Pakistan.

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