Alexander Pope's 'An Essay on Criticism'

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What does the term 'Hight' mean in the context provided?

An archaic word for 'was called'

What was the profession of André, mentioned in the text?


Which character is associated with buskin, according to the text?

John Fletcher

What is the significance of 'Pile' as per Johnson's definition?

An archaic word meaning 'an edifice; a building'

Who attacked Thomas Dekker in The Poetaster, as mentioned in the text?

Ben Jonson

Which playwright was famous for his comedies where 'socks' were worn?

Ben Jonson

What is the main theme of the text Mac Flecknoe?

The reign of a king of Nonsense looking for a successor.

In the context of Mac Flecknoe, what does 'Monarchs must obey' suggest?

Monarchs are subject to fate and mortality.

What is the significance of the line 'In Prose and Verse, was own'd, without dispute' in Mac Flecknoe?

Flecknoe's dominance in the realms of Nonsense.

What led Flecknoe to consider settling the succession of the state in Mac Flecknoe?

Being worn out with business and desiring peace.

What made Flecknoe decide that Sh—— should be his successor in Mac Flecknoe?

Sh——'s resemblance to Flecknoe in dullness.

What is implied by the phrase 'the rest to some faint meaning make pretence' in Mac Flecknoe?

Others pretend to be intelligent but fail.

What was placed in the King's sinister hand instead of a Ball?

A mug of potent ale

What is the significance of Poppies being spread over the King's Temples?

Symbol of consecration

What does the King predict about his son's reign?

From Ireland to Barbados

What does the King wish for his son's Dominion?

To have an unknown end

What does the King advise his son to learn?

Impudence and Ignorance

What is the implied contrast between the King's wisdom and the common approach of others?

To avoid fruitless industry and pangs without birth

In the text, who is mentioned as an example of a character charming the Pit?


According to the passage, what is the author's view of 'Sir Formal's oratory'?

It is lauded for its eloquence

Which character is singled out in the text for being different and not following the author's preferred style?


What type of writing style does the author encourage in the passage?

Authentic and natural

Who is mentioned in the text as a negative example when it comes to plays dwindling to farces?


Which character is described as being unsought but filling Northern Dedications?

'Sir Formal'

What does the speaker imply about the writing style of Thomas Shadwell?

It is characterized by a lack of originality.

How does the speaker describe the effect of the 'Venom' in Thomas Shadwell's writing?

It only influences a specific part of Shadwell's compositions.

What does the speaker suggest about Thomas Shadwell's talent in comparison to his own?

Shadwell's talent is bulky but lacking in wit.

Based on the text, what is the primary criticism directed at Thomas Shadwell's writing style?

Repetitive nature and one-sidedness.

In what manner does the speaker suggest Thomas Shadwell should pursue recognition in his writing?

By engaging in peaceful and less aggressive forms of poetry.

What does the speaker imply about Thomas Shadwell's comedic writing style?

It is overshadowed by his tragic works.

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