Alexander Pope: English Poetry Quiz

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In which poem did Lord Petre forcibly cut off a lock of Miss Arabella Fermor's hair?

Which work by Pope is considered as a playful mock-heroic poem?

Which work by Pope is modeled on Mac Flecknoe, a mock-heroic satire?

Which work by Pope consists of four epistles addressed to Bolingbroke and deals with man's relations to the universe, to himself as an individual, to society, and happiness?

Which work by Pope contains famous portraits of Lord Hervey and Addison, and is known for its brilliant irony and invective mingled with autobiography?

In which century did Alexander Pope live and write?

Which of the following is considered one of Alexander Pope's notable works?

Which literary form did Alexander Pope master?

In which work did Alexander Pope embody the Messianic prophecies of Isaiah?

What is Alexander Pope's best known form of poetry?


Test your knowledge about the life and works of Alexander Pope, one of the greatest English poets of the early 18th century. Learn about his notable works such as 'Rape of the Lock' and 'An Essay on Criticism', and his contributions to English literature.

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