Air Pollution and Acid Rain Quiz

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What is the definition of air pollution?

The contamination of air with harmful substances like toxic gases, smoke, and dust

What are the causes of acid rain?

Pollutants react with water vapor to form sulfuric acid

How do excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides pollute water?

By serving as food for algae to flourish

What kind of danger does the Taj Mahal face from pollution?

Impact on its structural integrity

What causes the yellowing of the marble at Taj Mahal?

Suspended particulate matter from a nearby oil refinery

Which diseases can be caused by inhaling polluted air?

Lung damage, cholera, jaundice

What is the main cause of global warming?

Rise in the level of carbon dioxide due to human activities

Which method can be used to purify water by a chemical process?


What has led to the damage of River Ganga beyond repair?

High levels of industrialization and population growth

Which measures are taken to control air pollution?

Use of CNG, planting and nourishing trees

Test your knowledge on air pollution, air pollutants, potable water and the causes of acid rain with this quiz. Define and understand the concepts related to air pollution and its impact on the environment.

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