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What is the main concept behind the game Semantris?

What does Semantris highlight about data?

In which mode of Semantris does the player need to think and type the word fast?

What is the main focus of the game LUIS based on NLP?

Which computing device is required to play the game LUIS?

What does NLP stand for in the context of LUIS game?

What does the dream smart home idea involve?

How can smart gadgets in a dream smart home adjust room temperature?

What is one benefit of a dream smart home's technology-based automation?

In the context of AI in daily life, what is the recommended activity related to Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9?

What are video games primarily made up of?

What is NOT a component of the dream smart home described in the text?

What is a common method used to move the hero in the game Code Combat?

What is the action required to equip your hero in the game according to the text?

What is the purpose of using tools in AI as mentioned in the text?

Which domain does NOT require specific packages according to the text?

What action follows after completing a level in the game based on the text?

Which method is used to move the hero downwards in Code Combat?


Test your knowledge about the role of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives, including topics like smart homes and ice breaker activities. Explore the impact of AI through an exciting learning activity in Excite Artificial Intelligence Class 9.

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