Agenda 2063 Vision and Action Plan

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What is the ultimate goal of Agenda 2063?

To achieve unity, prosperity, and peace for all African citizens

What are the time perspectives of Agenda 2063?

Short-term (10 years), medium-term (10– 25 years), long-term (25– 50 years)

What are the critical success factors for Agenda 2063?

Participation of multiple stakeholder groups, results-based approach, and inculcating the right set of African values

What is the overall aim of Agenda 2063?

To encourage Africa to do things differently, bigger, and better

Study Notes

Agenda 2063 Overview

  • The ultimate goal of Agenda 2063 is to build a prosperous and united Africa based on shared values and a common destiny.

Time Perspectives of Agenda 2063

  • Short-term goals (2013-2023): Laying the foundation for transformation and accelerating implementation
  • Medium-term goals (2023-2033): Accelerating implementation and making progress towards the vision
  • Long-term goals (2033-2063): Achieving the vision of a transformed Africa

Critical Success Factors for Agenda 2063

  • Leadership and ownership by African governments and citizens
  • Effective partnering and mobilization of resources
  • Implementation and monitoring mechanisms
  • Capacity-building and empowerment of youth and women

Overall Aim of Agenda 2063

  • To achieve a transformed Africa that is integrated, prosperous, peaceful, and a dynamic force in the global arena

Learn about the ambitious Pan-African vision and action plan, Agenda 2063, which aims to position Africa for growth over the next 50 years, focusing on unity, prosperity, and peace for all its citizens. Understand its short-, medium-, and long-term perspectives and its goal to bring about positive change in Africa.

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