Agenda 2063: Vision and Action Plan

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What was the purpose of the African heads of state and government pledging their commitment in 2013?

To foster Africa's place in the world

Which document outlines the complete national-level results matrix and a regional-level matrix for Agenda 2063?

The Africa We Want, Draft Document, May 2014

What are the primary aspirations that comprise Agenda 2063 based on the text?

Seven aspirations derived from the eight priority areas

What does Agenda 2063's vision comprehensively cover?

Issues of identity, self-determination, political independence, and socio-economic development in the context of globalization

What is the significance of the Continental Agenda 2063 based on the text?

It stems from the eight key priority areas and comprises seven primary aspirations

What is the main focus of Agenda 2063?

Achieving positive socioeconomic transformation

Agenda 2063 requires capacities and competencies for managing which type of change?

Transformational change

What does learning mean in the context of Agenda 2063?

Non-reversal and sustaining change of behavior

Agenda 2063 challenges us to think hard about managing Africa's future in terms of politics, business, and society across which scope?


What is the significance of Agenda 2063's call for 'positive socioeconomic transformation'?

It goes beyond economic growth or development

Test your understanding of the core concepts and goals of Agenda 2063, a vision and action plan for Africa's positive socioeconomic transformation. Explore the key components and requirements for achieving transformational change, open governance, and shared prosperity.

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