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Which country is the home of the Ashanti people?


What type of stories do the Ashanti oral traditions include?


What is the purpose of folklore in Ashanti culture?

To teach moral lessons

Where is the green stronghold of dense rainforests located?

In West Africa

How long have the Ashanti people had a highly organized society?

400 years

Study Notes

Ashanti People

  • The Ashanti people are from Ghana, West Africa.
  • Ashanti oral traditions include stories of myths, legends, and historical events.
  • The purpose of folklore in Ashanti culture is to pass down cultural values, history, and social norms from one generation to the next.
  • The dense rainforests, which serve as a green stronghold, are located in the heart of Ghana.
  • The Ashanti people have had a highly organized society for over 300 years, with a strong centralized government and a complex system of social hierarchy.

Test your knowledge of African folklore with this quiz based on Gerald McDermott's "Nancy the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti". Explore the magical world of traditional stories and legends from the Ashanti people. Discover the beauty and dignity expressed in African folklore.

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