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What is an advantage of the Database Approach mentioned in the text?

Reduced program maintenance

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the Database Approach?

Decreased data accessibility

What is a risk associated with the Database Approach?

Conversion costs

What technology is involved in Relational Databases according to the text?

Graphical system capturing

Which of the following is a component of the Database Approach's Elements mentioned in the text?

Client-server technology

What does the Enterprise Data Model capture according to the text?

High-level entities and relationships for the organization

What is a database?

An organized collection of logically related data

Who are the personnel responsible for designing databases and software?

System Developers

Which type of database is typically used by a department or division within an organization?

Workgroup database

Which of the following is a limitation of conventional file processing?

Program-Data dependence

What type of database integrates all enterprise functions like manufacturing, finance, sales, and human resources?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Why are databases important?

They help in turning data into useful information

What is metadata in the context of databases?

Data that describes the properties and context of user data

Which database system is derived from various operational databases and used for decision support?

Data Warehouse

What do graphical displays do in the context of data?

Turn data into useful information

What is the role of DB Administrators in the context of the text provided?

Maintaining the database

Why is program-data dependence a disadvantage of file processing?

It creates a tight link between program logic and data structure

Which type of database is shown in Figure 1-6 with typical data?

Personal database

Test your knowledge on the advantages of the database approach in organizing and managing data. Topics covered include program-data independence, data redundancy, data consistency, and data sharing.

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