Advance Care Directives Witness Training

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Who can witness an Advance Care Directive according to the text?

Registered professionals like teachers and nurses

What is one of the requirements for completing an Advance Care Directive?

Having read and understood the Information Statement

How many Substitute Decision Makers can a person appoint in an ACD?


What is the purpose of the online app mentioned in the text?

As a checklist when witnessing ACDs

Where can a person download the 'Appointing Additional SDMs Form' if they appoint more than four SDMs?

From the SA Health website

Which statement about witnessing an Advance Care Directive (ACD) is correct?

The witness must initial and date each page of the ACD.

What should be done if there are blank spaces or alterations in the ACD form?

Cross out ('Z' out) any blank sections and alterations.

If the person giving the ACD requires an interpreter, what should the witness do?

Ensure the interpreter is present during the witnessing process.

What should the witness do if they suspect the person giving the ACD is being coerced by others?

Refuse to witness the ACD and report the suspected coercion.

Can an existing Advance Care Directive (ACD) be modified after it has been witnessed?

No, but a new ACD can be created to replace the existing one.

Learn how to witness an Advance Care Directive in South Australia, with background information for the witness. This training does not cover completing an ACD, but provides insight from the official Do-It-Yourself Guide by the South Australian Government.

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