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Explain the purpose of administrative law.

Administrative law deals with the decisions and powers of government departments and allows courts to review and change government decisions if necessary.

What does constitutional law govern?

Constitutional law governs the rules by which a country is governed, including the powers and authority of parliament, the rights of citizens, and the powers between federal and state governments.

What does contract law regulate?

Contract law regulates legal agreements between two or more people and allows for legal action in case of breach of contract.

What does family law cover?

Family law covers regulations about marriage, de facto relationships, divorce, custody, and other aspects involving family members.

What is the purpose of criminal law?

Criminal law is necessary to keep the community safe, maintain an orderly society, and provide a way to deal with criminal offenses.

Test your knowledge of administrative and constitutional law with this quiz! Explore the concepts of government decisions, court review, powers of parliament, citizen rights, and federal-state powers. Challenge yourself with questions on these important legal topics.

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