Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic according to the World Health Organization's rating?

What has become as precious as gold due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

How does the author describe the shift in daily life due to COVID-19?

What did the author emphasize about adjusting to change?

What will still be present even when society starts up again after the pandemic?

What has become the norm in public transport?

What impact is the absence of International Students having on universities?

How has education changed in response to the pandemic?

What has become a common behavior due to conditioning during the pandemic?

What has changed in the larger sporting landscape due to the pandemic?


Test your knowledge about the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact, and how people have adapted to the 'new normal' brought about by the global health emergency. Explore the challenges faced by individuals and communities, as well as the strategies and protocols implemented to combat the spread of the virus.

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