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Which of the following glucose levels is diagnostic of diabetes according to ADA guidelines?

210 mg/dl randomly with diabetes symptoms

What is the range of fasting glucose values that indicate Impaired Fasting Glucose (Pre-diabetes)?

110-125 mg/dl

Which of the following symptoms is NOT associated with reactive hypoglycemia?


What is a common clinical symptom of diabetes NOT listed in the text?


What blood glucose level range indicates impaired fasting glucose, also known as pre-diabetes?

110-125 mg/dl

Which type of diabetes is more common in children and usually autoimmune, causing beta-cell destruction?

Type 1 Diabetes

What may be elevated if an individual is in ketosis due to diabetes?

Urine Specific Gravity

If a pregnant woman has glucose in her urine, what condition should be screened for?

Gestational Diabetes

What is the critical test to differentiate between Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and Insulin Overdose in Type I diabetics?

Glucose test

Which factor is usually elevated in cases of hyperosmolar, hyperglycemic nonketotic coma in Type II diabetics?

Osmolality of blood

Which complication of diabetes is often associated with poor sensation and circulation in the lower limb, potentially leading to the need for amputation?


What is the most common cause of renal transplant in individuals with diabetes?


Test your knowledge on the diagnostic criteria for diabetes according to the ADA Guidelines. Learn about the parameters for diagnosing diabetes, impaired fasting glucose (pre-diabetes), and hypoglycemia.

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