AD8 Dementia Screening Interview

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What does a 'Yes, a change' response indicate in the AD8 Dementia Screening Interview?

A change in cognitive problems within the last several years

Which activity would be a sign of dementia according to the AD8?

Less interest in hobbies/activities

What is indicated by repeated questions, stories, or statements in the AD8 Dementia Screening Interview?

Problems with memory and cognition

What does forgetting the correct month or year imply in the context of the AD8 Dementia Screening Interview?

Memory issues related to time perception

Why is it recommended to administer the AD8 to an informant, if available?

Informants provide more accurate responses

In the context of the AD8 Dementia Screening Interview, what is the significance of trouble handling complicated financial affairs?

Cognitive impairment affecting financial decision-making

What is the final score calculation method for the AD8 screening test?

Sum of the number of items marked 'Yes, A change'

What does a score of 2 or greater on the AD8 screening test indicate?

Cognitive impairment is likely to be present

Why is it important to have a one-second delay between individual items when administering the AD8 test?

To give the respondent time to think about their response

What does an AD8 score in the 'impaired range' suggest?

Further assessment is necessary

What property of the AD8 indicates its effectiveness in detecting early cognitive changes?

Sensitivity > 84%

What does a score of 0 - 1 on the AD8 screening test suggest?

Normal cognition

Test your knowledge of the AD8 Dementia Screening Interview form by filling in the blanks with the correct answers. Understand how to detect cognitive problems through a brief informant interview. Adapted from a study by Galvin JE et al.

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