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What is the main focus of the neural basis of perceptual decision-making?

Translation between sensory evidence and action

What is psychophysics concerned with?

Relationship between physical stimuli and perceptual responses

What do psychophysicists particularly focus on in decision-making experiments?

Speed and accuracy of decisions in noisy evidence

What do human fMRI studies involving mixed face/house information aim to identify?

Regions correlating with differences between FFA and PPA signals

According to predictions in human neuroimaging, what should happen to BOLD signals as choices become harder?

Increase as integration goes on for longer

What is one assumption made about the relationship between BOLD signals and single-cell buildup activity in the brain?

BOLD signals increase as choices get harder

What are some areas in the brain that differentiate their activity even when sensory information is identical?

MT and LIP

What signals are often action-linked in the primate brain?

Evidence accumulation signals

What does the Centro-parietal positivity (CPP) signal represent in human perceptual decision-making?

Evidence accumulation

What provides a bridge between perception and action in decision-making?

Downstream 'accumulators' in parietal and frontal cortex, together with cortico-basal ganglia loops

How is the circuit model of integration of motion evidence related to decision-making?

It plays a role in the process of evidence accumulation

In the brain, what supports the process of evidence accumulation?

Parietal and frontal cortex, together with cortico-basal ganglia loops

What area in the brain is known as the motion-sensitive region in the extrastriate visual cortex?

Area MT/V5

In which brain area do neurons respond when attention is directed to a stimulus in their spatial receptive field?

LIP (Lateral Intraparietal Area)

What is the function of LIP neurons in relation to decision-making?

LIP neuron firing rates accelerate towards one or two response options.

What happens when motion coherence and color coherence are combined in a decision-making task?

Firing rates align to the eye movement response and reach a common level.

What is the role of neural populations in decision-making?

Neural populations can encode many things at the same time.

What brain area provides noisy motion direction information in the circuit model of integration of motion evidence?

Area MT

Test your knowledge on the differentiation of activity in MT (medial temporal) and LIP (lateral intraparietal) even when sensory activity is identical. Explore how signals in the prefrontal cortex and striatum relate to coherence. Learn about studies by Kim and Shadlen (1999) and Ding and Gold (2010) in the context of human perceptual decision-making.

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