Activity 5.1: Non-Metal Oxides Experiment

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How can fire fighters reduce the amount of damage caused by an acid spill?

By diluting the acid with lots of water

What effect does diluting an acid have on its corrosiveness?

Decreases the corrosiveness

What is the result of a neutralization reaction involving an acid and a base?

Formation of salt and water

How does diluting acid affect its pH value?

Increases towards 7

What is the primary reason for fire fighters to dilute acids during spills?

To decrease corrosiveness

In a neutralization reaction, what is formed when an acid reacts with a metal oxide?

Metal salt and water

What happens to the concentration of an acid when it is diluted with water?


What is the effect of diluting an acid on its pH level?

Rises towards 7

How does diluting an acid affect its corrosiveness?

Makes it less corrosive

What does a neutralization reaction between an acid and a base produce?

Salt and water

Learn about the properties of non-metal oxides through an experiment involving Universal indicator and different gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide. Observe the color changes and pH shifts to understand the reactivity of these oxides.

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