Action Potential and Nerve Impulses

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What causes the outer surface of the membrane to become negatively charged during nerve impulse generation?

Rise in permeability to Na+ ions

What is the term used to describe the electrical potential difference across the plasma membrane at the site where depolarization occurs?

Action potential

What is the direction of current flow on the inner surface of the axon membrane from site A to site B?

From site A to site B

Which ion diffusion helps restore the resting potential of the membrane at the site of excitation after nerve impulse generation?

K+ ions

What happens to the polarity of the membrane at site B during nerve impulse conduction?

It reverses similar to site A

Which term is synonymous with depolarization during nerve impulse generation?

Excitation phase

What is the main function of the sodium-potassium pump mentioned in the text?

Transport 3 Na+ outwards and 2 K+ into the cell

What is the role of the concentration gradient across the axonal membrane?

Help generate nerve impulses

What term is used to describe the electrical potential difference across the resting plasma membrane?

Resting potential

How does the membrane at the site A become when a stimulus is applied?

Freely permeable to Na+

What happens to the inner surface of the axonal membrane during polarization?

Becomes negatively charged

Which process involves transporting more Na+ out of the cell than K+ into the cell?

Action potential

Why are neurons considered excitable cells?

Due to the selective permeability of ion channels on the neural membrane

Which type of nerve fibre is commonly found in autonomous and somatic neural systems?

Unmyelinated nerve fibre

During resting state, which ion is the axonal membrane more permeable to?

Potassium ions (K+)

What is the function of nodes of Ranvier?

To allow for saltatory conduction along myelinated nerve fibres

What does it mean for a neuron membrane to be in a polarised state?

The membrane has selective permeability to different ions

Which type of neuron has one axon and two or more dendrites, typically found in the cerebral cortex?

Multipolar neuron

Learn about the process of action potential generation and nerve impulse transmission in neurons. Understand the reversal of polarity across the membrane and the depolarization that occurs during an action potential.

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