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Acquiring Cultural Knowledge in Nursing- Week 4

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Which term describes the breakdown of the spiritual, moral, health, and emotional fabric of Indigenous people?

Historical Trauma

What is a key aspect of Indigenous worldviews highlighted in the text?

Connection between physical and spiritual

Which of the following concepts best describes cultures focused on the good of the people rather than the individual?

Collective cultures

What is a major consequence of colonization highlighted in the text?

Historical Trauma

How can intergenerational trauma be defined?

Trauma passed down through generations

What is a core consideration for nursing in Indigenous health according to the text?

Reciprocal process with trust

What is a fundamental element of Cultural Humility as discussed in the text?

'Egoless' and supportive interaction

What does Cultural Harm refer to in the context provided?

Breakdown of moral values

What concept is explicitly highlighted in the text as an essential aspect of furthering cultural safety within Indigenous communities?


In the context of Indigenous health, what legacy needs to be addressed according to the text?

Intergenerational trauma

Which chronic disease is not specifically mentioned in the text as a focus of illness experiences among Indigenous populations?

Alzheimer's disease

Which term is used in the text to advocate for a respectful approach towards Indigenous cultures in healthcare?

Cultural humility

What is the primary focus of the article 'Furthering Cultural Safety in Kidney Care Within Indigenous Communities' as mentioned in the text?

Enhancing cultural safety in kidney care

In the context of healthcare for Indigenous communities, what is one of the systemic issues mentioned in the text that needs to be addressed?

Colonization legacies

What is a key factor associated with promoting cultural safety at both individual and policy levels as outlined in the text?


What term refers to the shared beliefs, values, and practices of a group?


In the context of nursing, what does cultural humility entail?

Recognizing the limitations of one's own cultural knowledge

How does culture impact an individual's thinking and behavior?

By defining what is considered normal or abnormal within a group

What concept acknowledges that culture is dynamic and not static?

Cultural humility

Why is it important for nurses to consider cultural orientations in healthcare practices?

To provide culturally relevant and sensitive care

How does cultural competency vary within a culture?

By recognizing the diversity of cultural identities within a group

What is a consequence of colonization on cultural groups?

Erosion of traditional customs and languages

What role does intergenerational trauma play in healthcare disparities among indigenous populations?

It perpetuates cycles of poor health and social challenges

What is the first step in acquiring cultural knowledge?

Understanding how culture can affect beliefs and behaviors

In the context of cultural knowledge, what is emphasized as having different meanings across cultures?

Perception of health, illness, and death

What is a key aspect to consider regarding cultural boundaries?

Cultural boundaries can vary based on gender and relationships

Which type of therapy is highlighted as having different effectiveness and value across cultures?

Therapies that incorporate both medical and spiritual elements

What is the term for the process by which an individual learns the traditional content of a culture and assimilates its practices and values?


Which term describes the attitude that one's own group, ethnicity, or nationality is superior to others?


In the context of cultural knowledge, what belief might direct activities based on individual time-keeping?

Strict adherence to clock time

How do different cultures view the concept of self-care?

Some cultures prefer interdependence and being cared for by others

What term refers to values, beliefs, or practices that are forced upon a person or group of people?

Cultural Imposition

What is a significant aspect of family and social relationships that should be considered in nursing?

"Family" and social relationships can have different meanings across cultures

In Western Culture, which characteristic reflects identity found in individuality and self-reliance?

Autonomy and independence

What should nurses consider when communicating with individuals from diverse cultures?

Being aware of and respecting diverse communication norms

What key concept characterizes Eastern culture when viewing time?

Time as linear

Which cultural orientation places a strong emphasis on mind and body being separate entities?

Western Culture

Which concept reflects the view of diseases in Eastern Culture?

Disease caused by fluctuations in opposing forces.

Learn about the importance of nurses having a broad understanding of how culture can impact beliefs and behaviors in patient care. Explore the recognition that behaviors and responses may vary across different cultural contexts.

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