Academic Writing: Purpose and Organization

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What is the term used to describe the language of doctors?


Which term refers to the language used by computer specialists?


In what field is the term 'legalese' commonly used?


What does 'Teacherese' refer to?

Language of teachers

Which term describes a formal writing style used to present accurate information?

Academic Writing

What type of language is 'mercantilese' associated with?

Commerce and industry

What is the main difference between reading and writing?

Reading is a receptive skill, while writing is a productive skill.

How are reading and writing related when viewed as a process?

Reading serves as an input, while writing serves as an output.

What should people do first in the process of reading and writing?

Read to know what and how to write.

What are the modules in this content focused on?

Academic and Professional Contexts, Writing Skills, Forms and Formats of In-Text Citations

Why is understanding context important in language learning?

To apply academic reading and writing techniques effectively

Which of the following statements is true about English for Academic and Professional Purposes?

It requires comprehension and application of reading and writing principles.

What is the main purpose of a summary?

To present the main points and eliminate extra details

When summarizing a text, what is one thing you should avoid?

Omitting key information stated in the text

What citation format places the summarized/paraphrased/quoted idea before the citation?

Idea Heading

In which citation format do you connect the author's name with an appropriate reporting verb?

Author Heading

Which of the following formats places the summarized idea after the date when the material was published?

Date Heading

What is a crucial tip to remember when creating a summary?

Condensing and focusing on main points

In academic writing, what is the purpose of informing and persuading known as?

Two-fold purpose

Which of the following is discouraged in academic writing due to its informal nature?


What is key to achieving clarity in academic writing?

Establishment of flow/unity

Which aspect of academic writing involves avoiding overused expressions that have lost their impact?

Avoiding clichés

What is the recommended average length of a sentence in academic writing according to Strunk & White (2000)?

18 words

Which of the following is NOT advised in academic writing?

Using highfalutin terms

Which style of writing is recommended to enhance comprehensibility?

Being precise

Why is it advised to make claims tentative in academic writing?

To keep the conclusion open for further discussion

What is a key reason to avoid rhetorical questions in academic writing?

They are inappropriate for academic writing

Which point of view is typically recommended for formal academic writing?

Third person

What should writers be cautious of when considering language in academic writing?

Using gender-biased words

Why is it essential to use a tactful tone in writing?

To avoid offending readers

Learn about the objectives and structural conventions in academic writing. Understand the dual purpose of informing and persuading, as well as the importance of following regular organizational patterns.

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