Academic Freedom vs Autonomy vs Extrinsic vs Intrinsic Rewards

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What is the main difference between academic freedom and autonomy as described in the text?

Academic freedom allows teachers to make decisions on what to discuss, while autonomy is about making decisions on how to teach.

Which of the following best describes intrinsic rewards as mentioned in the text?

Personal outcomes or rewards

What is a key characteristic of a profession according to the information provided?

Including a code of ethics

How does academic freedom differ from a profession based on the text?

Academic freedom revolves around self-directed decisions, while a profession has a code of ethics.

Based on the text, what distinguishes extrinsic rewards from intrinsic rewards?

Extrinsic rewards are visible tangible rewards, while intrinsic rewards are personal to the individual.

What aspect of teaching does academic freedom refer to?

Choosing what to assign as readings

In the context of teaching, what does autonomy primarily allow teachers to do?

Make self-directed decisions about curriculum and teaching methods

What distinguishes intrinsic rewards from extrinsic rewards?

Intrinsic rewards are given for achieving personal satisfaction, while extrinsic rewards are not

Which criterion is NOT essential for an occupation to be considered a profession?

Fulfilling intrinsic reward requirements

What aspect is NOT covered under the concept of profession as described in the text?

Primary focus on personal satisfaction

Explore the differences between academic freedom, teacher autonomy, extrinsic rewards, and intrinsic rewards in the educational context. Test your knowledge on how teachers make decisions and are rewarded for their work.

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