ABU DHABI International Building Code: Occupancy Construction Requirements Quiz

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What is one of the conditions that must be met for a building to be considered as separate and distinct buildings?

Being located no more than two stories above grade plane

Which type of construction is required for a building below a horizontal assembly in a Group S-2 enclosed parking garage with Group S-2 open parking garage above?

Type IA construction

What is the maximum allowable area ratio for buildings with multiple separate occupancies?


In the context of the text provided, what determines the maximum building height in feet for separate and distinct buildings?

The number of stories of the building above grade plane

For using a Group S-2 enclosed parking garage with no more than one story above grade plane and located below a Group S-2 open parking garage, what occupancy classification is required?

Group S-2

Study Notes

Construction Requirements for Occupancies

  • Each occupancy must apply the specified type of construction individually, except for structural members and main bracing within open parking structures.
  • Means of egress for upper occupancies must conform to Chapter 10 and be separated from parking occupancies by fire barriers with at least a 2-hour fire-resistance rating.

Separation Requirements for Group B or M with Group S-2 Open Parking Garage

  • Group B or M occupancies can be considered separate buildings for construction purposes if:
    • They are separated by a horizontal assembly with a minimum 2-hour fire-resistance rating.
    • Occupancies below the horizontal assembly are limited to Groups B and M.
    • The occupancy above the horizontal assembly is limited to a Group S-2 open parking garage.

Special Industrial Occupancies

  • Buildings designed for special industrial processes can be exempt from building height and area limitations if they require large areas and unusual building heights to accommodate craneways or special machinery and equipment.

Multiple Buildings on the Same Plot

  • Two or more buildings on the same plot can be regulated as separate buildings or as portions of one building if the building height of each building and the aggregate building area of the buildings are within the limitations of Table 503.

Type I Construction

  • Buildings of Type I construction can be of unlimited tabular building heights and areas, and are not subject to special requirements that allow unlimited area buildings or increased building heights and areas for other types of construction.

Test your knowledge on the specific construction requirements for different occupancies as outlined in the 2013 ABU DHABI International Building Code. Understand the regulations on fire-resistance-rated assemblies and means of egress for different areas within a building.

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