Abnormal Psychology Midterm Review

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Which term is used to refer to the negative attitudes and beliefs that sometimes cause the general public to avoid those with mental illness?


The study of mental illness is called ______.


The ______ perspective examines psychopathological experience from the standpoint of the structure and function of the brain.


The ______ perspective examines psychological disorders with respect to the adaptive value of particular traits or characteristics.


Many studies have demonstrated that many forms of mental illness, such as schizophrenia, might be more related to nature than nurture because they are found ______.

at an even distribution worldwide

Test your knowledge of Abnormal Psychology with this midterm review quiz! This quiz covers Chapter 1 and covers topics such as the study of mental illness, negative attitudes and beliefs towards mental illness, and different psychological perspectives. Challenge yourself and see how well you understand these key concepts in abnormal psychology.

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