A Tale of Two Cities Quiz

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What does the man making shoes seem to be aware of?

What does the man respond when asked his name?

What does the man remember about Lucie's mother?

How does Lucie comfort her father?

Which sentence correctly uses the present simple tense for the third person singular?

When making a question with the present simple for the third person singular, which auxiliary verb is used?

Which adverb of frequency is commonly used with the present simple tense?

In the sentence, 'Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts School,' which tense is used to describe the action?

When talking about the past, what tense is sometimes used instead of a past tense?

What type of sacrifices are explored in Charles Dickens' 'A Tale of Two Cities'?

Which character in 'A Tale of Two Cities' experiences Family Sacrifices?

What are the three types of sacrifices discussed in the essay about 'A Tale of Two Cities'?


Test your knowledge of 'A Tale of Two Cities' with this quiz covering characters, plot points, and themes from the novel.

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