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Who built a compound microscope and coined the term "cell" to describe the orderly arrangement of small boxes?

Who was the first to make and use lenses to observe living microorganisms?

What did Schleiden and Schwann formulate?

What does the Hypothesis of Spontaneous Generation propose?

Who discovered that maggots only appeared on uncovered meat when flies laid eggs in the meat?

What did Lazaro Spallanzani do to prevent spoilage of broth?

What did critics say about Lazaro Spallanzani's experiment on broth?

How did Louis Pasteur end the debate about spontaneous generation?

What did Louis Pasteur do to prevent unwanted organisms in wine?

How did Louis Pasteur develop a vaccine for rabies?

How did Louis Pasteur test his rabies vaccine?

What did Robert Koch do to improve the culture of bacteria?

What did Robert Koch identify as the bacterium that causes anthrax?

What did Robert Koch develop as a vaccine for tuberculosis?

What are Koch’s Postulates?


Test your knowledge about the history of microscopy and cell theory with this quiz. Learn about the pioneers in the field, their discoveries, and the fundamental principles they formulated.

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