Volume 1 Unit 3 Part 2

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What is the primary role of the beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinator?

Who should the BCAC work with to provide enrollment, benefit, and claims processing?

What is the primary purpose of the DCAO?

For a case to qualify as a debt collection case, what must be presented to the DCAO?

The _______ requires that all active duty personnel attend in-and out-processing programs and that these programs include information on TRICARE benefits.

A ____________ brief ensures that all members departing PCS obtain the most up-to-date information regarding the TRICARE benefit.

What are some things that should be passed on to the gaining MTF?

What is the National Defense Authorization Act?

In the NDAA, what Title addresses health concerns?

What are some factors that may affect implementation dates?

From the text, what is an example of data driven decisions?

What does the MHS use to assist with day-to-day activities?

What is health informatics?

What three basic elements describe the TRICARE Operations Center (TOC)?

What report answers “how many appointments were left unbooked?”

What are the categories the data metrics website is divided in to?

What reports are available within the Ambulatory Data Management (ADM) module in Composite Health Care System (CHCS)?

______________ is a system that produces various non-standard reports that are not necessarily run on a consistent basis.

MTF commanders establish resource-sharing agreements with ____________.

What can the Manage Care Support (MCS) contractor provide through resource sharing?

What allows the MCS contractor, through agreements with MTF commanders, to provide personnel, equipment, equipment maintenance, and supplies necessary to enhance the capability of the MTF to provide healthcare to TRICARE beneficiaries?

_____________ is an alternative to resource sharing which provides additional flexibility to MTF commanders.

_______________ make a good faith effort to work with the contractor to execute sound resource sharing agreements.

Why does the TRICARE regional offices (TRO) perform periodic reviews of MTF and VA facility resource sharing agreements?

What acts and amendments must medical personnel comply with?

What is PII the acronym for?

Medical records are maintained within a system of records protected by which act?

___________ eliminates the need for a separate privacy act statement for each medical or dental document?

Relative to the release of medical information, what is the purpose of the DD Form 2005?

What must a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request contain?

The _______________ laws take precedence over other directives pertaining to access and release of medical information.

Whenever you release information under the guidelines of the drug and alcohol abuse acts, what statement must accompany the disclosure?

To improve the portability and continuity of health insurance coverage, improve access to long-term care services and coverage, and simplify the administration of healthcare is the purpose of _______

List the six requirements of the HIPPA Privacy Rule.


Test your knowledge of TRICARE enrollment, benefits, and claims processing with this quiz. Explore the roles of the beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinator (BCAC) and the debt collection assistance officer (DCAO) in providing essential support to military personnel.

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